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Powhite Parkway Accident {June} Heartbreaking News!

The article on Powhite Parkway Accident and it will help you understand the accident at Powhite Parkway and other details about it.

Do you know that an accident took place in Richmond? If not, then read our article that gives you full detail about this accident. On Thursday morning, a man got hit by a heavy vehicle after falling down from a bridge on the Powhite Parkway in the United States, where he was pronounced dead. 

According to information collected from the closest to the incident. Around 6:38 a.m., the victim fell from the Forest Hill Avenue overpass and was struck by a tractor-trailer. When the cops arrived, he was unconscious and unresponsive at the Powhite Parkway Accident.

Richmond Accident: Details

Officials have not yet recognized the man who fell. According to VDOT, a death investigation is underway. The Virginia Department of Transportation blocked all eastbound lanes around Forest Hill Avenue due to the incident, and the officials redirected traffic to Chippenham Parkway. 

Medical officials are examining the man’s body, who fell from the bridge after losing. People can now go through Powhite Parkway in all lanes. It was closed for a few hours, but it was reopened by 9.15 a.m. For further information, read below.

Accident on Powhite Parkway: Bridge

The Po-white Parkway- Bridge spans at the River James in the state of Virginia and the city Richmond. It is traversed by the Powhite Parkway, commonly called the Virginia (State- Route Number 76). The bridge was built using revenue bonds that are repaid through user tolls. 

Although the bridge toll is not collected to get past through the Powhite Bridge, automobiles are prohibited to cross the bridge without paying any kind of toll at the toll plazas can be located at south side bridge. From the bridge to Cary Street, the white parkway was expanded from three to four lanes in 1992, and the number of routes was raised from four to six.

Do read here for more information on the Accident on Powhite Parkway. The toll collection plaza on the Powhite Parkway has 20 lanes, 6 open road tolling lanes and 14 physical lanes. At the forest- hill crossroads, the on and off-ramps to Powhite Parkway feature eight lanes. 

The Douglasdale ramps are connected to the parkway north of the river by two unmanned lanes; the Powhite’s northbound and southbound lanes were recently enlarged as part of a significant development project. The Powhite Parkway is now one of Richmond’s busiest thoroughfares.

Final Thoughts on Powhite Parkway Accident

According to our research, after falling from a bridge on the Powhite Parkway, an unidentified man was hit by a tractor-trailer and proclaimed dead. According to persons familiar with the situation. Around 6:38 a.m., the victim was struck by a tractor-trailer after falling from the Forest Hill- Avenue overpass. An investigation is now underway.

For more information about Powhite Parkway Bridge, click here.

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