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Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death {May} Explore The Facts!

This article is about Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death and postpartum depression. Read more on this topic.

Do you want to know about the death of Pranaiya Oulapathorn? Are you interested to know what did her husband say about her death? If so, this article will help you to find out the answer.

People in the United States, Indonesia and Canada are eager to know about the death of Pranaiya. It has been found that she was happy until she went through postpartum depression.

If you want to know more about Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death, keep reading this article till the end.

Pranaiya and Postpartum Depression

Pranaiya’s husband revealed that she was happy before going through postpartum depression. She gave birth to a baby named Arthur in March 2021. Apart from the stresses of having a baby, everything went well for this Thailand based mother. Her husband further disclosed that she went to sleep within a minute before having a newborn.

Pranaiya went through some struggles in breastfeeding. She felt guilty for not being able to give sufficient milk to her son as she found breastfeeding a big challenge. Still, everything seems well before Pranaiya Oulapathorn DeathIt happened when she took her life and her baby’s life before passing, even six months after giving birth to her baby. 

What is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression is some emotional, and behavioural changes noticed in women after giving birth. This is a major depression which develops within about four weeks of delivery. This form of depression is based on the length of time and the severity of depression. 

Symptoms of Postpartum depression include loss of appetite , insomnia, intense irritability as well as difficulty bonding with the baby. This depression may last for a few months or longer than that. This can be treated with counselling, antidepressants or hormone therapy.

More About Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death

It became difficult for Pranaiya to deal with her postpartum depression. She even found it difficult to get out of bed. This 37-year-old mother was infused with worry and dark thoughts before taking her life. 

Her husband reveals that Pranaiya was happy and had a great relationship with the kids. When she and her husband Maggoffin decided to begin their own family, she looked forward to and prepared herself for being a mother. The good news of being pregnant came in 2020, and their son Arthur came into their lives in 2021 in Bangkok.

Know more about Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death

Although it was not easy for Pranaiya to get pregnant, she was happy with this news. Even her older sister also stated that Pranaiya was happy even during the days of her pregnancy. She did not suffer from mood swings or other hormonal changes in the first week after giving birth. Pranaiya and her husband maintained even a good routine during the wake of Covid19. But everything changed when she could not get over her situation.


Pranaiya was an ambitious woman who completed MBA from Oxford University. She was working for a top Thai bank after returning to Thailand. Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death shook everyone and made everyone think about postpartum depression. To know more details, please visit this link.

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