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Pridepalace.lgbt Legit [June] Is This A Reliable Site?

Pridepalace.lgbt Legit [June] Is This A Reliable Site? -> This article will tell you about a website selling pride flags is legit or not. 

Do you want to purchase a pride flag in commemoration of the LGBTQ community? Then you will find what you need on the Pridepalace.lgbt. 

The rainbow flag popularly known as the pride flag is a symbol of the social movements for the LGBTQ communities. All the colors of the flag have precise denotations used to show freedom, life, and healing. It was designed by Gilbert Baker, a gay man and drag queen from the United States. 

Before purchasing the product, you must find out if Pridepalace.lgbt Legit through this review. This seller sells its products from the United States, and as you read further into our review of the website, you will uncover more about it. 

Is Pridepalace.lgbt Legit? 

Readers before you make purchases from a website, you must evaluate and establish its credibility. It would be best if you did this to practice internet safety and also ensure you aren’t duped of your money or bank details. Since Pridepalace recently established, you may be questioning Is Pridepalace.LGBT Legit

Then let us tell you that it owns a valid SSL certificate along with that they also possess social media handles. These will give you views and experiences of customers that made purchases from the website before. 

What is Pridepalace.lgbt? 

Pridepalace.lgbtis a website that was recently established and sold products designed with the LQBTQ community in mind. The products range from the pride flag in various colours to pins, keychains, t-shirts/hoodies and patches. Their motto is to show people some love, especially to the ones in the LGBTQ sections. 

Why? So, they don’t feel singled out and can feel like they belong. Amidst all the hatred and inequality faced, the website wishes to ensure everyone feels loved. They also mention that apart from spreading the love, they donate a portion of the money made to charitable organizations. 

What makes Pridepalace.lgbt unique? 

We all need a place where we can feel like ourselves, feel like we belong. There has always been hatred, confusing and inequality that people face today at the hands of a conservative community. The website is not just a brand that sells pride inspired products it wishes to share the love and build a better world for all. 

The products are interestingly designed, and you are sure to purchase before you exit from the site. Currently, the brand is offering free pride flags for all and helping you have a chance to express yourself freely in public. The website provides you with some coming out stories that may interest you. All in all, the site is unique, so you must take up on the offer and make a purchase. 

Specifications of Pridepalace.lgbt

  • Products- Clothing, jewellery, pins, flags, bands, patches and other accessories 
  • Website-  https://pridepalace.lgbt/
  • Email- support@pridepalace.lgbt. 
  • Phone number- not provided 
  • Shipping/processing time- not provided 
  • Delivery time- 3-8 weeks 
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned 
  • Return- 30 days from delivery 
  • Exchange- contact company 
  • Refunds- 48 hours 
  • Online payment- Master card, visa card, Amex, Apple pay, google pay, PayPal, etc 

Pros of purchasing from Pridepalace.lgbt

  • The website provides a secure online payment 
  • They ensure quick refunds provided to customers 
  • The site possesses an SSL certificate
  • The designs are exciting and will please everybody 
  • You can make easy returns 
  • The site donates a portion of their earnings 
  • It has fully functional social media pages 

Cons of purchasing from Pridepalace.lgbt

  • The contact details are incomplete 
  • A lot of the products on the website seem to be available at $0.00 
  • You can only pay online for your purchases 
  • There is a limited display of products 
  • There are a lot of negative comments on the social media pages 

Customer reviews of the Pridepalace.lgbt

Even though the website established recently, they have a modest following on their social media pages. You will be able to find comments and reviews of customers quickly. 

The comments are reviews are mixed as some talk about not receiving their products on time and some not even receiving the flags ordered. There are also issues with the customer care team as nobody seems to respond. Others seem delighted with what the company stands for and the products they sell. 

Final Verdict- 

It is hard to ignore the fact that most customers complain of not receiving the products on time or not receiving them at all! So, it doesn’t matter if the website seems to be legit and we, therefore, do not recommend the site. 

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