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Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam {July} Beware Of Such Scams!

The article Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam goes into the detail about the contest and the hidden motives behind their contest.

Are you the person who buys lots of stuff on the big sale day? Do you love online shopping? But are you aware of the scams related to big online sales days? The upcoming Amazon Prime Day has triggered shoppers’ interest, mostly in the United States, the United Kingdom regions, because the percentage of people opting for online shopping is higher. Here in this article, we will be discussing an important Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam.

The scam

Sweepstakes, to be precise, works like a lottery system, where people have to participate by purchasing a small product, and the lucky winner will be selected. As Amazon Prime Day approaches, some people are receiving email messages stating they won the gift card sweepstakes contest. People must log in to their Amazon accounts to access the gift cards. 

Some people are even getting multiple email messages regarding the gift cards, but there is no trace of people who have won the gift cards till now. The domain that organized the contest also received a very low trust score (2%), so it could be a scam.

Prime Day Small Business Sweepstakes

There is a website named Prime Day Sweepstakes where they ask people to buy some Amazon products from a small business worth of one dollar. After purchasing a small business product within the promotion periods, people will be allowed to have an entry for the sweepstakes, or they can enter the contest by providing some personal details. 

The valid entries will undergo a random selection, and the winner will be announced. According to online sources, some cyber-technical people advised people to stay away from these contests, and some Amazon representatives claimed this website and contest as a scam.

What is it?

The Amazon Prime Day Sweepstakes is basically like a lucky draw, where people have to make a valid entry and, by a randomization process, 114,289 winners will be selected, and the selected winners will be awarded any of their 7-tier prizes. The prizes for the winners are,

  • VIP trips to music festivals, screenings, etc. 
  • A $1000 Amazon e-gift card is up for claim. 
  • A $ 500 Amazon e-gift card 
  • A $ 250 Amazon e-gift card 
  • A $100 Amazon e-gift card 
  • A $ 50 Amazon e-gift card 

How to participate?

The Prime Day Sweepstakes 2022 event was organized from June 21 to July 11. . One person can make up to 1500 entries during the promotion period. But one person can win only one prize.

People can enter the contest by purchasing any small business badged product or by providing their date of birth and account login details. After enrolling, the person won’t receive any confirmation mail from the Amazon team. 


Even though the website looks legit with a detailed faq section, privacy policy, and domain name, it falls short of achieving a high level of trust. So it might be a scam one .Thus, the article Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam provides a detailed explanation of the event. But the money will last longer only if we earn it through our efforts.  So, T\this event could be a scam. For more information.

Do you find this article useful? Share with us your tips to stay away from some online scams in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Prime Day Sweepstakes Scam {July} Beware Of Such Scams!

  1. This is not a scam. It’s a legitimate contest. It does ask for your personal information but then the gift card is immediately entered into your Amazon account. We won a $100 and a $50 gift card just by shopping on Amazon like we always do. $150 for no effort isn’t bad. If you are worried it’s a scam you can always change your password after you claim the gift card, but the contest is by Amazon.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for sharing such valuable details with us. But still, we suggest reading all the disclaimers before proceeding with such contests by any portal.

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