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Should You Be Using Probiotic Skin-Care Products?

Should You Be Using Probiotic Skin-Care Products? >> When people think of probiotics, they probably imagine someone taking pills or maybe even consuming some sort of fermented drink. Lately though, it’s become increasingly common for skincare products to contain probiotic elements in order to maintain skin health. While searching for skin care products, we found that a few skin care products, such as ActivatedYou essential skin food, are also in demand which means non-probiotic users are getting the expected results after using the same

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What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are tiny organisms that assist in maintaining a healthy bodily ecosystem. Usually these organisms can be found in the intestinal tract, but they can be found many places, including the skin.

Probiotics typically come in the form of a consumable product, either dry or wet, and many different varieties exist to resolve unique ailments, although probiotics designed for ensuring general health also exist.

The Current Trend in Probiotic Skin Care

Usually gut health has been a key focus of probiotic products, but the intestinal tract isn’t the only place where helpful microorganisms exist.

Skincare is a top priority for millions of people and countless products already exist to give people healthy, youthful skin. However, many of these products focus on elements like hydration to preserve skin, while equally important factors like the natural bacterial environments that exist on epidermal layers aren’t considered nearly as often.

To fill in this gap in product availability, many companies like Probulin have gone with creating a probiotic facial cleanser and similar substance to rebalance people’s skin microbiome.

How Do Probiotics Work in Skincare?

Similar to how probiotics can affect the digestive system, probiotics for skin work by increasing the prevalence of bacteria that have positive benefits for bodily systems and individual cells, while limiting the amount of harmful bacteria present.

How Do Probiotics Benefit Your Skin?

Skincare products containing probiotic elements have healthy bacteria embedded in whatever substance is applied to the skin. When the bacteria is applied to the skin’s outer layers, it greatly increases the amount of bacteria present that’s favorable to health.

This increase in healthy bacteria also helps crowd out damaging bacteria as they both have to compete for nutrients. If applied consistently enough, the benefits to skin can be substantial.

With a healthier skin environment overall, cells become better protected, more hydrated, and less inflamed.

Is It Worth the Money?

Whether or not probiotic skincare products are worth the money is ultimately a subjective determination, but there are some factors to consider.

For starters, there are different products that are designed for different purposes, such as ones for acne and others that help with skin sensitivity. If you don’t have any specialized skin conditions, probiotic skincare might not be as beneficial.

It’s also good to keep in mind that probiotic skincare is a very new field, with comparatively little feedback as to how effective it is. Given how many probiotic creams and cleaners are on the expensive side, it might not be worth the cost for something that isn’t super well-understood.

Is It the Right Fit for You?

If you have a consistent skincare routine, then probiotic skin care might be a good option for you. It contains many elements that traditional skincare products lack and it might be just the thing you need to maximize your skincare results.

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