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Probuild Australia Constructions (Feb) Read The Incident

This post below covers important details of Probuild Australia Constructions to help readers know why the construction company is on the verge of collapse.

Are you associated with Probuild? Do you want to know what Probuild is going through?

After a botched high-rise project led it into tremendous debt, an Australia-based construction behemoth has been forced into administration.

Do you want to know more about the collapse of Probuild Australia Constructions? Then, you may look into the information offered below and know more about Probuild and the reason for its collapse.

Is Probuild on the verge of collapse?

Probuild, an Australian construction behemoth, is on the brink of collapse after a catastrophic high-rise project plunged it into tremendous debt.

When the bad news broke on Wednesday evening, i.e., February 23, 2022, tradies throughout the nation shut down their shops.

WBHO, Probuild’s parent company, acknowledged the company’s voluntary administration on Thursday morning (February 24, 2022).

You must read the details in the coming sections to know more about Probuild Constructions Collapse.

What is the reason behind the collapse of Probuild?

WBHO could affirm that Deloitte has been assigned as administrator now since holding company WBHO South Africa suddenly and unexpectedly notified the Australian arm.

It also involves subsidiaries Probuild, Monaco Hickey, and WBHO Infrastructure that Probuild completely owns, that all securitization and money assistance may be ceased.

The company is wrapped up in a set of conditions that are not of their choosing, according to a Probuild spokeswoman.

They work on many initiatives with the administrator to secure their workers, subcontractors, and clients.

About Probuild Australia Constructions:

Probuild, a major Australian construction company, has gone into administration due to a botched high-rise project.

Probuild is a great brand, and the company wants to stay that way. However, it also has a few possibilities for raising the funds they need to keep operating as a quality Australian construction firm.

This Australian company claimed that workers were seen removing equipment and tools from Brisbane’s Cbus Property’s 443 Queen St project, with development expected to conclude by the end of February 23, 2022.

How is the performance of the company?

Last year, Probuild reported a profit of 4 million USD on 1.3 billion USD in revenue, which might be one of the reasons for Probuild Constructions Collapse.

However, the project 443 Queen St that included high-end apartments has lost the same or more than 120 million USD.

The project, which includes 264 luxury residential apartments, is already behind schedule due to technical challenges and delays and is expected to be completed in late 2021.

How much was Probuild’s expenditure on the projects?

PCA QLD, the company’s Queensland arm, has spent over 28 million USD on the riverside complex, with insiders saying it might cost up to 120 million USD.

Last year, Probuild Constructions (Aust) invested 15 million USD into the company in a recapitalization to battle the Queensland division’s losses, according to reports.


Probuild Australia Constructions is a Melbourne-based corporation and is among the nation’s leading construction companies, with 1.3 billion USD in revenue last year.

The popular Melbourne Convention Centre and new Victorian Police HQs, and Sydney’s enormous glass “IMAX” structure in Darling Harbour, were all planned by the firm.

But, due to lengthy delays, a few projects have gone over budget, and the pandemic-driven property bubble, the corporation only made a 4 million USD profit, leading to collapse. Also, read here about Probuild Constructions.

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