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Prodentim Scam {June} Explore Reviews, Hidden Facts!

Read exclusive facts to scrutinize Prodentim Scam, about a probiotic extensively marketed to improve dental health.

Are you facing dental problems? Are you facing tooth decay? Do you feel inflammation in your gums and teeth? Instead of taking painkillers and other drugs to treat dental problems, are you keen to naturally enhance the natural health of gums and teeth? 

Many supplements online in the United Kingdom, the United States, and India promise better dental health. Prodentim is one such supplement. Let’s check more details about Prodentim Scam.

About Prodentim:

Prodentim is a probiotic made with Lactobacillus Reuteri, Lactobacillus Paracasei, B.lactis BL-04, BLIS M-18, and BLIS K-12, Inulin and Malic acid. Probiotics are living microorganisms known for their health benefits, as they promote the growth of good bacteria and fight bad bacteria.

Prodentim sold on the official website theprodentim.com is a Scam. The theprodentim.com had achieved a terrible 1% trust score, a below-average 42.1% business rank, and a poor 1,768,329 Alexa Ranking. 

Additionally, theprodentim.com scored high on the suspicion profile with a 32% score, 42% on the Threat profile, 31% on the phishing profile, 42% on the malware profile, and 30% on the Spam profile. 

Prodentim Reviews:

  1. There are mixed reviews of Prodentim on more than 45 websites, and some of the websites included a Scam alert. 
  2. The product is treated as illegitimate due to the lack of customer reviews on the internet, social media, user review sites, etc.
  3. Additionally, theprodentim.com is a five-month and fifteen-day website showcasing more than 95K 5-star user reviews. Such customer reviews on theprodentim.com are unreliable and unrealistic. 
  4. Furthermost, theprodentim.com is registered for only one year and expires within six months and fifteen days.
  5. No customer testimonial was found regarding receiving the delivery of Prodentim, pointing out towards Prodentim Scam
  6. There are more than 60 mixed product reviews of Prodentim on YouTube. 
  7. The negative reviews pointed out that it is ineffective and a Scam. 
  8. At the same time, a few positive product reviews showed that it improved dental health.
  9. Prodentim also remains dubious as 1 bottle costs $69 each, but 6 bottles for a 180-day supply are priced at $49 each, including free shipping. 
  10. Such high discounts are unrealistic and may aim at luring customers to make immediate purchases. 
  11. At the same time, Prodentim, sold on several fraudulent websites and includes adulterated nutrients and formulations.

About Prodentim Scam:

Prodentim was made available on the internet from 12th January 2022. Prodentim is a new product in the market. Hence, many counterfeit products have come up on various websites and countries. Theprodentim.com is the only official site selling original Prodentim probiotics formulations. 


Prodentim probiotic is a Scam. However, feedback about Prodentim could include reviews of counterfeit Prodentim probiotics. It may take more time for theprodentim.com to improve its overall scores and ranking. Due to YouTube reviews, scam alerts, poor Trust, Alexa and Business Ranking, and high suspicion score, Prodentim, its brand, and theprodentim.com is illegitimate. Therefore, we recommend you to wait till theprodentim.com improves its scores.

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