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Profile. Safe-Davao. com (Dec 2021) Find Out More Here!

Have you learnt how to enroll yourself on Profile. Safe-Davao. com for several benefits? Then, go through the entire article.

Do you want to know about an online portal beneficial in managing the Covid-19? Then, please read this piece of writing to learn more. 

To prevent the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, people take preventive measures. In addition, we wash our hands frequently, maintain social distance, quarantine, etc. 

But, in this piece, we will update you about a website that will help you trace the Covid spread effectively. So, let us begin this article on Profile. Safe-Davao. com, used by youths of the Philippines for searchability. It is to be noted that the actual website is – https://profiles.safe-davao.com/.

Describing The Website 

The website is a Covid-19 management platform that employs practices like contact tracing and vaccination turnout. Moreover, it assists the authority and medical institutes control and mitigating infection risk. It also ensures that every person is protected and healthy. 

In addition, it acts as a pass or ticket to get entry in different places such as offices, parks, airports, etc., ensuring public health. So, let us now move on to the site’s services.

What Can We Do On Profile. Safe-Davao. com?

The services provided by the site include:

  • Screening of individuals by test results.
  • Efficient contact tracing.
  • Scheduling vaccination and appointments. 

How To Enrol On The Website?

You can register on the site as an individual or an establishment, so let us talk about both in detail. 

  • Individual 

Before enrollment, you should carry necessary IDs, including a photo, birth certificate, contact and mail address. After gathering the documents, follow the steps:

  • Head towards the official website, i.e. https://profiles.safe-davao.com/registration/person.
  • Put the necessary details in the ‘Individual’ section.
  • Then, upload your latest photo on Profile. Safe-Davao. com.
  • Review the details thoroughly.
  • Install and save your QR. 


The registration process for establishments is as follows:

  • Choose the device with an active internet connection.
  • Register yourself by visiting https://profiles.safe-davao.com/registration/establishment.
  • You will get 2 QRs, one each for entry and exit.
  • Put the DQR Codes on exit and entry sections.
  • Install the DQR Scanners.
  • Scan DQR.
  • Identify the client as per the processed data. 

The Latest News About This Site

As per sources, on 6th December, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio announced that the government would give Christmas gifts through enrolling on Profile. Safe-Davao. com. As per the sources, the gifts or ‘Pahalipay’ is distributed to residents from 8th December 2021 to 31st January 2022.  

Users’ Opinions

On Facebook, various people appreciate the government’s decision, while others seem excited. Moreover, many users have replied that the site’s link is broken. 

Also, few users have commented that after providing the necessary details, the record shows inappropriate details; thus, they ask for a correction procedure. 


Throughout this write-up, we have discussed the site Profile. Safe-Davao. com. Also, we have explained the registration process for both the individuals and establishments over the site. 

Recently, the Davao City Government promised to give residents gifts after enrolling in the site. Moreover, on the Facebook page, several people doubt the site; however, few admire them. 

Do you think that the residents will get the freebie? Would you please tell us by mentioning your thoughts now? 

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