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Project n95 Reviews {Dec 2021} Is This A Scam Website?

The article on Project n95 Reviews shares impartial facts by investigating all about illegitimacy.

We all know that this situation is nothing but pandemic. So all people are taking precautions worldwide to control the spread of the virus. In this festival season, people are gathered in every place like the shopping mall, market, restaurant, etc. And there is the chance of getting infected. 

That’s why personnel are aware of preventing the virus by using proper personal protective equipment. Those living in the United States and their nearby countries search for Project n95 Reviews. 

What is Project n95?

Project n95 is known as an e-commerce website, and their main business is to sell PPE to fight against coronavirus, virus testing kits and several types of equipment. They are grown their business on a worldwide basis. And they are providing their equipment and kit for help to the frontline workers. 

They are provided a rapid antigen test kit, RT-PCR test kit etc. To find the covid-19 test results, bring the test kit and send your saliva to them through courier. As we saw that they are provided to help the frontline workers, a question in our mind Is Project n95 Legit?

Specification of this website:

  •  Domain creation date: 19th March 2020
  •  Website URLhttps://www.projectn95.org
  •  Type of the webpage: PPE, testing, equipment against the covid-19 virus.
  • Customer support email ID: shop@projectn95.org
  • Social media presence: Yes, they have connectivity with social media.
  • Contact number: (205) 528-3060
  • Address for contact: No contact address found.
  • Currency of products: USD
  • Shipping policy for the product: Yes, they have a shipping policy.
  • Return Policy: No return policy details are found inside the webpage.
  • Option for payments: The payment option is there.
  • HTTP Certification: Yes, available.

Let us construct the Project n95 Reviews pros and cons.


  • A unique initiative for the fight against covid-19. 
  • Product selling at a good price point.
  • Product descriptions are also there.
  • The user interface is good and clear to understand. 
  • Non profit e-commerce site.
  • The website is affiliated with NIOSH.


  • Not found any product reviews & ratings.
  • Although the payment option is there but does not mention the gateway.
  • Website trust score is not so much.
  • Guarantees and warranty of the product are not available.

Is Project n95 Legit?

Below are some points to find the website’s legitimacy.

  • Website Age: 19th March 2020 this is a new-born website.
  • Website trust Score: The website’s trust score is just 37 out of 100.
  • Connection established with social media: Found several platforms with social media.
  • The legitimacy of the email: Email ID is found there but not confirmed it is genuine or not.
  • Content Originality:Every item is unique and distinct.
  • The customer reviews: There are not found any Project n95 Reviews inside the webpage, and no customer gives the reviews regarding the product.
  • The identity of the owner: They hide their owner’s identity.
  • The legitimacy of Contact address:No contact addresses are found inside the webpage to connect with the company.
  • Return & exchange policies: They don’t mention any return and exchange policy for the website, whether they are selling electronic items but do not provide any return option.
  • Refund strategy: There is no refund strategy found inside the website.

 Project n95 Reviews:

We found all the details against this website & we got several points. The domain date of the website is not older, although they are spreading their business worldwide. And they are also gathering good traffic on the web. Many social media connections are also established for customer feedback and support. But they do not display a few things like payment gateway, owner identity etc. 

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Final Decision:

After researching the Project n95 Reviews, we checked too many articles to find feedback. From a few trusted websites, we found some points that prove the webpage is legit, but there were also some negative drawbacks for the website. Their absence of product guarantee and warranty make some doubt against the webpage. So we got mixed reviews against the website. Therefore, we would like to tell you that you need to check all the reviews regarding the web page before the entire site.  

In addition to this, stay alert from the credit card scams to save your money.

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