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Project Star Quests {Dec 2021} Check Recent Update!

The much-awaited game on Roblox has arrived. If you want to know your QUEST in the game, read this comprehensive article about Project Star Quests.  

The game was released on 27th March and updated on 18th September 2021 in the United States. It is an RP game, and it was developed by imagination burst and 10_Minute Ad Revenue. The game is based on animated series of adventure JoJo’s Bizarre. There are overall 3 million players of the game and more than 28K players each day. Currently, there are only THREE quests in the game. 

So, let’s discuss Project Star Quests below.

Requirement for the Quests:    

Your quest in the game revolves around getting stands. To get the stands in the game, you need to collect arrows. To get these arrows, you need to move around Cairo city. The more arrows you find, the more chances you get for a rare stand. These arrows are only available in DIO’s mansion from D’arby Item Roll.

  • 1x Rarity Multiplier Stand Arrow
  • 1.5x Rarity Multiplier Unusual Stand Arrow 
  • 2x Rarity Multiplier Gleaming Stand Arrow and
  • The most powerful 100x Rarity Multiplier Cursed Stand Arrow. 

In Project Star Quests Multiplier Cursed Stand Arrow will be soon reflected. If you get Rokakaka spawn, it can reset all your stands. In contrast, Mysterious Rokakaka spawn will reset your stats. You can also store your stands in the Stand Storage Room by speaking to Robert Speedwagon. D’arby, Robert, and Rokakaka are available in Cairo city, and you can also explore the city outskirts. Once you are in the Dungeon, the commentary character tree plays an important role allowing you to choose less rag-doll, more health, quick chances, agility, vitality, regions, defense, and merit.

Project Star Quests:

You can join arena mode or private server to play the game. In the beginning, you will get trained in the Speedwagon company building in Egypt with story mode. The THREE QUESTS in the game are. 

  1. Storyline quest in orange,
  2. Missions quests are Gray that repeat in the game. They can be done anytime to gain XPs and virtual money.
  3. Daily quests are Green.

To complete a Dungeon make, you need to enter into a fight with the enemy. Once you finish hitting NPCs with your M1, there is a 3 second cooldown period for M1. In the Project Star Quests, bosses look like normal NPCs. There are not many fighting moves in the game but just rag-doll. The Dungeon has easy, normal, hard, and nightmare play modes. You can play nightmare mode with the help of your friends as it gives you more XPs. A wind WAMU will drop a bubble hamo which will give you additional combat styles. 

There are soft caps from levels 20, 30, 35, 45, and 60 for doing regular missions, and they repeat at a gap of every ten quests. 


Currently, there are only two teams of developers who are fixing several glitches in the Project Star Quests. Currently, there are 3 parts in the game, and developers will add more soon. The game codes are yet awaited. The Roblox Premium members are getting an additional 15 XPs. There are world events in the game where you can fight various WAMUs. 

Did you play Project Star ? Let us know about your experience with Project Star.

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