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Promotion on YouTube Channel of the Beauty Master

Promotion on YouTube Channel requires a lot of investment. You can opt out of paid advertising, but the time spent on filming and editing video will be significant anyway.

Each master who independently promotes himself on the Internet should choose one or more promotion channels. It is very difficult to work without presenting yourself in social networks at all, because you will lose a lot of potential customers.

You need to understand in advance how much effort you will need to maintain an account on a particular site and what possible result you will get.

If we talk about promotion in social networks, YouTube has its pros and cons.


  • very large audience: 1.3 billion people watch videos every day for an average of 1 hour. We can say that this hosting is visited by everyone who has access to the Internet;
  • Videos are indexed by the Google search engine. You can get them to the top of the search and the trending tab without ads (but with caveats, which we’ll talk about later).


  • creating quality videos is a complex process. You can master it yourself, but it will take a lot of time, as well as equipment;
  • high competition, a huge number of beauty bloggers.

However, if you invest in the development of the channel, it can give you fame, and therefore new customers.

Due to the fact that video promotion is costly and time-consuming, you need to have an idea of ​​how and why to promote as accurately as possible in advance. If you want to quickly gain an audience but not pay a lot, then you should buy YouTube subscribers. This method is quite cheap but very effective.

Questions to answer before launching a channel

  • Who are you making videos for

You need to analyze the target audience (it is needed for any promotion, no matter what platform we are talking about). Gender and age, interests, problems and, as marketers say, pains — all this must be taken into account when creating content.

Even if you later buy real YouTube subscribers, you will need to select accounts through a filter. Knowing exactly what kind of people you need, you will quickly make a choice.

  • How do you want to see your channel, what is its concept

This refers to the style of communication with the audience. You need to create your image of an expert, but you can do this in different ways: communicating with the audience in a friendly way or more strictly and formally.

  • What will you show

Do you have the opportunity to shoot your work in progress (e.g. hair coloring, cutting or eyelash extensions)? If not, what will you fill your videos with: will you just tell something on camera, give advice to your viewers? Think about a content plan for the next few weeks.

Where do you get so many ideas? It depends on the concept of the channel. Showcase your work, give viewers tips on how to take care of your hair or skin between salon visits, talk about new trends in your field. YouTube doesn’t require posting as often as Instagram does. You can post a video once a week, but it must be well-made and useful.

Do not be afraid to generously share your secrets of skill: all the same, non-professionals will never be able to repeat most beauty procedures at home and at the same level.

  • How will you promote your videos

Promotion can be free (due to internal optimization) and paid, through advertising, including from bloggers. Consider in advance whether you are ready to invest financially.

  • How will your videos get viewers to buy your services

This is the most important question. Videos alone will not bring you income — they must bring new customers. Think about how you can turn a viewer into a client, given that the clients of the beauty master must live right next to his place of work.

One of the options for solving this problem is to order advertising from small (local) video bloggers, whose audience mainly lives in your city.

  • What should the videos be like
  1. Well filmed, with good lighting and sound.
  2. Not necessarily long. The average length of a video watched on YouTube is 14 minutes, but many bloggers are successful by posting shorter videos. Time is a valuable resource for the viewer. Long videos can hold attention only if there is very valuable content.
  3. If you are filming a video outside of work, you should have a beautiful location.
  4. The video must have an intro. If you mention your other videos, then let’s link to them. If you say the names, for example, of skin care products, add captions.
  5. You can shoot individual short videos literally on the go (using a monopod). For example, if you show how you study in advanced training courses. But it doesn’t have to be the primary video format.

An important rule: videos should be enjoyable to watch. Those stages of the wizard that may look unattractive should not be included in the videos. If you want to show the difference between what happened before your work and what happened after, choose submission methods that both show how good the result is and will not cause rejection.

What equipment do you need

First of all, what will you shoot the video on. At first, you can get by with a smartphone if it shoots video of good enough quality.

Take care of the sound: it is best to use a microphone, because without it the sound will be of poor quality.

You will also need good lighting if you shoot at home (directly in the salon or beauty master’s office, usually bright enough light).


Promotion on YouTube requires a lot of investment. You can opt out of paid advertising, but the time spent on filming and editing video will be significant anyway. But since video content is now in demand, it is easy to perceive, and the YouTube audience is huge, this channel can bring popularity to your personal brand and help you grow.

By showing your work to potential clients and building your image as a passionate professional, you earn their trust.

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