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Protestjobs Com Real [June] Is This Is A Scam or Legit?

Protestjobs Com Real [June] Is This Is A Scam or Legit? >> The website is consists of the information and packages of protestors with features.

Do you need protesters to send your voice to the officials? Then it is possible to hire professional protestors and to raise voice against injustice. You may find online stores and lots of platforms for business, but Protest Jobs is a unique one. Here the professional is hired for making chaos and instability.

In this article, we will cover all the information about is Protestjobs com Real or not. There are several websites getting popularity in doing such awful things, and they aim to hire protestors on rent, and in return. They will make all the mess like marching, protesting, candle march, and raising voice in favor of the person who hired them.

Several professionals are working to make instability and create havoc. They involve in all the activities like to raise voice against anyone. Several websites are running in the United State who are not only providing benefits to those who want to make havoc but also helping in increasing criminal activities.

A fraud protest is nothing but a personal grudge before time protest was a remark of showing their will, being unsatisfied with any decision, and showing unity among the people who disagreed with the decision or by any particular person. So, let’s talk is Protestjobs.com Real or not.

What is Protestjobs.com?

Protestjobs.com is a website where a person can hire professional protestors in any number by paying a sum of amount as a fee to the site. The website is designed each package for a protest, which is according to the demand and order—for example, the three types of package EZ riot, best value protest, mega-protest.

For EZ Riot package you have to $99 

  • Around 25 masked rioters for making chaos and instability situation
  • An individual on hoodies, professional painters, and performers are included in this package.
  • Car dump, broke store kind of activities are included in the package.

Under Best value protest 

  • This package will cost you $129 including facilities like:
  • You will get up to 2000, 000 protestors. All the protesters are working professionals
  • Posters, banners, flex, colors, and signage are included in this package
  • One of the significant plus points is the celebrity appearance. You will get one celeb appearance.
  • The social media campaign and hashtag trends are included.

Under Mega Protest

  • You will have to contact the company because for this they will contact you in private.
  • You will get up to 1,000,000 professional protestors
  • Celebrity appearance per 1, 00,000 protestors, 
  • Protest over National park with all the benefits of covering social media and press.


You have to send a message mentioning your contact information and the cause of the protest. The company will revert to your mail.

Benefits and Cons of Protestjobs

  • The whole payment process will be done under full security and with a leak-proof guarantee.
  • All the money will get transfer via bitcoin according to the company.
  • All the protestors are working professionals. They are doing their job regularly 
  • No political weightage, all are equal in front of the company. They are ready to protest against any political party.
  • All the protest including March, campaigning will be done under the supervision

Cons of Protestjobs

  • The website is not verified, there are several websites are running in the name of protestors
  • The site has no information. There is no contact number mentioned on the website
  • This website is provoking crime thinkers
  • The website is using a term like breaking windows of the shop and other illegal activities which are against the law
  • The Protestjobs is claiming that they are paying a high price to the protestors. It shows how Protestjobs com Real or scamming people.

Customer Reviews

On the website, there are three testimonials available, which might be fake because we don’t verify their identity. One protestor who takes part in protest says that she is earning $7000 and enjoying life, she said that she participate three times a year. Another demonstrator mentioned in the testimony that he is making more than $5000 with giving little effort.

When we analyze, we found that no one will accept their crime of what they did. If anyone located in any illegal activities, then they will within in no time locked up by the police. 


In our research, we found the website is having no presence over social media, as they are claiming they raise campaigns in social media. We found various contradict in their statement, and the website is provoking people to make chaos. So, the reader must stay away from this website.

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  1. Oh, please. They don’t give an address—or even a hint as to what city or state they’re in. There’s good business practices. This site would insult the intelligence of a slime mold.

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