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Prototype Crescent Ganyu (Jan 2021) The Best Bow

Prototype Crescent Ganyu (Jan 2021) The Best Bow -> Are you aware of the new character of Genshin Impact? Are you interested to know about its weapon? Read the content and get the details.

Have you also searched for Prototype Crescent Ganyu? Today’s article will share the details for the same. It has been remaining on the search box of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, United StatesPrototype Crescent is a longbow that was discovered in Black cliff forge. This is a powerful weapon, and when an arrow is fired from this, it gives an immense ray of moonlight. Due to this, people are more curious to know about it.

If you are also interested in knowing about this powerful weapon, then stay connected with it until the article ends.

Table of Contents

What is a Prototype Crescent Ganyu?

Prototype Cresent is a weapon used in Genshin impact. This role-playing game has been played by people of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, United States, and it has various characters and weapons in the game. Ganyu is one of the characters that has joined this game. She has access to multiple weapons, out of which Prototype Crescent is one. It is the 4-star bow used by Ganyu. This bow is provided by a blacksmith and is easy for Ganyu to get it.

Who is Ganyu?

A female role-playing character in Genshin impacts Ganyu’s act as a playable character. This character has been rated as a five star. She can use any weapon like Amos Bow, Prototype Crescent Ganyu, Black cliff Warbow and many other exciting weapons are available for her. It is a recently joined character in the game. She is a reserved woman and a loyal person who believes in completing all tasks as per the deal.

She has various talents, which you can know by exploring this character more while playing. Friends, it would be a fantastic experience. You should try this new female character with specific characteristics of humans and some special powers that only God can have.

The Best Bow

All the weapons work well in their place, but Prototype Crescent is considered the best bow by the people. One can continue hitting the enemy for a long time by attacking the enemy’s weak point, which increases the movement of SPD up to 10% and ATK by 36%. This bow has been made with ancient wood and various components of steel. Due to this reason Prototype Crescent Ganyu is considered the finest bow and a powerful weapon.


So, we have discussed one of the latest characters, Ganyu, that has come up with many exciting talents and features that we can explore. The more you will play with this character, the more you will explore her. Additionally, we have shared the details of Prototype Cresent, which is four stars rated weapon.

Ganyu can use any of the bows while playing, but as per the discussion done, we found that a Prototype Crescent Ganyu will be the right choice. So, try this weapon with Ganyu and share your experience with us.

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