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Proudmakatizen. com (Apr 2021) Get Important Info Here

Proudmakatizen. com (Apr 2021) Get Important Info Here -> Here’s a post that helps readers grab details about the current vaccination program in the country and register for vaccination. 

Do you want to know about a website that allows people to register for vaccination and gain related information? The Proudmakatizen. com is a portal providing critical information to the citizens of Makati. 

It is the financial hub of the Phillippines, and this site holds great significance for the local people. 

Today’s post lists the vital details about the site to help the readers gain a better understanding. Continue reading to learn more. 

What is Proudmakatizen.com? 

The web portal serves as a one-stop destination for the citizens of Makati who want to know about the process of vaccine registration. On the homepage of Proudmakatizen. com, there are eight sections that visitors can pick from. 

As Makati is an urbanized city and financial capital of the country, there are many people who use these portals to gain information about the government plans and programs. 

The people living in the city who want to learn about the ongoing vaccination drive in the country can do so by visiting the site and exploring various sections. 

Here in the post, we’re other details about the site, so read on to know more. 

Different sections displaying on Proudmakatizen. com

  • Vaccination registration (Covid-19) 
  • P5K MAKA- Tulong 
  • Vaccination registration (pneumonia) 
  • Vaccine registration accreditation (Makati private clinics & medical practitioners) – 
  • Ayuda Makati 
  • Online appointment
  • Register as MASB merchant 
  • Apply for MASB Program/Grant  

Things to know about Proudmakatizen.com

  • The citizens of Makati can register on the site for vaccination
  • After clicking on a section, the user gets redirected to safemakati.com. 
  • Once a person has registered on the site, they will receive the details of the appointment via phone. 
  • The users can pick from a wide range of types like seniors with Makatizen card, Makati city voters, seniors with a yellow card, etc. while registering for COVID19 vaccination on Proudmakatizen. com

How does the site work? 

Users can check out the option depending on their requirements. Those who want to schedule an appointment for the vaccination drive for Covid-19 can do so by filling in the online form given on the website. 

People who want to learn about the vaccination program for pneumonia can also select the type of card they hold and enter their card number to get the relevant details. 

The residents of Makati can also register as a MASB merchant or apply for the MASB grant. Individuals can renew the business permit and pay real property tax. 

Concluding remarks

The above post is for the readers who want to know what the site, Proudmakatizen. com is all about. We have shared the required info and mentioned the various sections that visitors can check. 

It serves as a hub that the citizens of the city use for registration and other works. 

Have you used this website? Do let us know your answer and thoughts on today’s post in the comment section.

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