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Pumpkin Carving Squid Game {Nov} Play To Enjoy Halloween

The Pumpkin Carving Squid Game article discusses the tradition of pumpkin carving on Halloween and the famous show squid game.  

Do you watch Television dramas or Series? Have you watched the Squid Game? Where can we watch this series? Why is the Squid Game so famous? What is Pumpkin Carving?

It is the month of Halloween, so how can we forget pumpkin cravings! It is a tradition to crave demonic faces on the pumpkin for Halloween. During Fall, Halloween is celebrated in Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, and many other countries. This Halloween Pumpkin Carving Squid Game is in trend.

What is Pumpkin carving?

During the Halloween festival, one of the major decorative items includes Pumpkin Cravings. People crave devils and demons’ faces on the pumpkin. It is a tradition on Halloween. Nowadays not only demons’ faces but people crave many things on the pumpkin. It is now considered art and people crave anything they like. 

What is the story behind this tradition?

Every tradition has a story behind it. It is a mythological story that originated from Ireland, where there was a man called stingy jack. He summoned and tricked the demon for monetary interests. 

Read the whole article Pumpkin Carving Squid Game to know the story.

When Jack died the God didn’t allow him in heaven, so he went to hell but the devil there also didn’t let in him. And he was punished to wander the earth for eternity. So, people in Ireland started to keep demon face carved turnips at their doors to scare away Jack’s soul.

When the people from Ireland immigrated to the U.S. they started craving the demon’s face on the pumpkin because pumpkin is native to the U.S. region during the winter season. The craving of the devil’s face on the pumpkin to scare away Jack’s soul is called “Jack-o’-lantern”.

Pumpkin Carving Squid Game 

As we all must know, the Squid game is an internationally famous Korean series. It was released on the 17th of September 2021 on Netflix. The genre of the series was Thriller, horror, survival and Drama. 

The series became world-famous because of its interesting story, and people worldwide loved the series. Critic reviews of the series were on IMDB; it got an amazing 8.1 out of 10. It got 93% up-votes on rotten tomatoes, and as per Google reviews, 95% of people liked the series.

It was released just before the fall season and got famous worldwide. This Halloween, people are excited about the Pumpkin Carving Squid Game.

The carving of dalgona candy’s shape perfectly was one of the rounds in the squid game. It brought excitement and horror. And as we all know, pumpkin carving on Halloween is a tradition. So, people are trying to merge these two during this festival season. 


After becoming a worldwide phenomenon, the squid game and the pumpkin- carved lanterns will be a trend this year. Everyone enjoys this spooky festival during the fall. Squid game dolls, fancy dress, carving squid game logos on pumpkins are trending these days.

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Are you excited about the Pumpkin Carving Squid Game? Share your views in the comments. 

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