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Purchase Failed Axie {Dec} How To Resolve An Error?

Purchase Failed Axie {Dec} How To Resolve An Error? >> Are you unable to buy Axie on the gaming platform? Do you want to fix it? Then read the article for the details.

Axie is one of the popular online video games that is partially owned and controlled by the players. The ongoing success of the platform and its crypto coin in the Philippines increased the number of its users. 

But recently, it has been reported that people are facing issues while working on the platform. What is the error? How and when will it be resolved? Well, to get an answer to all the questions that are striking in your brain, we are presenting today’s article that will share the brief highlights of Purchase Failed Axie to you.

Few words about Axie Infinity

It is NFT based online game presented by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese studio. The game is based on two primary tokens, i.e., AXS and SLP. It has touched the level of success in less time as the current analysis shows that it has the most expensive collection of NFT, which is around $42 million last month.

The digitalized creature named ‘Axies’ is the main character of the game. Gamers can trade and have battles to collect, raise and breed the creature.

Purchase Failed Axie – What is the error?

The Axie community has provided access to purchase the land with a new crypto token named $TOMO. The announcement of the same was made on the Twitter account of Axie.

But unfortunately, when people tried to use this currency and buy the land from their Tomo iOS wallet, the transaction failed, leading to disappointment. 

What was people’s reaction?

The comments available on Reddit justifies that the error has disturbed them by creating a hurdle in playing their game. Unfortunately, opening Ronin and turning on the cookies does not remove the error. 

They have tried to purchase the land several times, but only the message of Purchase Failed Axie appears on the screen. 

According to people’s views, this issue might be the lack of Axie in the system or the non-operating marketplace. However, the genuine reason is still unknown. 

The platform has faced this issue earlier, too, due to the temporary downfall of the system.

Is the error resolved?

People have tried on their behalf to resolve the issue to play their game effectively. The various ways used by them were – 

  • Signing in the account again.
  • Rebooting the system
  • Connecting the Ronin to the Axie.
  • Cancel the previous transaction and repeat the process.

Purchase Failed Axie, an error occurs when your earlier transactions are pending. So make sure you clear it out.

Well, these are some common methods that helped the gamers to fix the error. Are You Facing Any Error? we suggest you try the ways mentioned above. 

If you are the beginner and want to know the process to buy the Axies, do watch the YouTube video shared below.


The bottom line of the content is that the game has more than three lakh users worldwide who are active on the platform to play the exciting game, so the system faces the Purchase Failed Axie error sometimes. However, we have shared the methods to fix it. 

What problems do you face because of the issue? Please share your views in the comment box.

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