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Pure Digital Store Reviews (Jan) Is This Another Scam?

Pure Digital Store Reviews (Jan) Is This Another Scam? >> Do you want to shop for Bluetooth headphones and earbuds from this store? Please check its legitimacy by reading the below post.

Pure Digital Store Reviews:  Nowadays, everyone uses mobile phones and tablets in their daily life. This type of electronic gadget reduces the load of every individual. People can work through phones and tablets based on advanced technology. Further, they used them as multiple purposes, like playing video games, photography, and entertainment purpose. 

To enjoy music and other entertainment on mobile and tablets, users need a pair of headphones. Here, we have a website in India that deals in branded headphones and digital watches.  Let us move ahead to learn whether Is Pure Digital Store Legit?

An Intro to Pure Digital Store com

Simply, it is an online store that wants to increase the digitalization in Indian people. This online web store only deals with digital electronic gadgets. For Christmas and the New Year, some electronic devices are available at a discounted price on this website. 

From this website, people can shop for combo offers of Sony and JBL Company’s headphones. Besides them, on this website, stylish wristwatches are also available. 

Before going to shop on online stores, everyone should have to check the websites’ legitimacy as many websites are fraudulent websites. Let us check its authenticity through Pure Digital Store Reviews.

Specifications of the Pure Digital Store com

  • URL: If you are looking for a new pair of Bluetooth headphones at a cheap price, then please click at https://puredigitalstore.com/.
  • Website URL creation Date: The website is created on 16 December 2020.
  • Website domain expiry date: This website is registered for one year on the internet and will expire on 16 December 2021.
  • Product on it: On pure digital store com, users can get headphone and Bluetooth’s of branded companies such as Sony and JBL. Further, all products are on Combo offers. Also, from this website, users can shop for Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch and Tachometer watch.
  • Description of Products: In Product details, people can get details of battery backup, instant charging details, Mic details, weight, and other information about the technology used and water-resistant. Let get more details about getting in touch with customers by continuing its exploration through Pure Digital Store Reviews.
  • Email services: To get in touch with its consumer’s website, use its email server called Care@puredigitalstore.com.
  • Get in touch: To get in touch with consumers and to solve their queries 1800 235 666 is the contact number.
  • Social media Share links: Shoppers can share their shopped products with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as this have share link to these social websites.
  • Newsletter: To get instant updates for products, users can register through the newsletter subscription.
  • Shipping: This website does free shipping inside India.
  • Payment method: It only accepts payments in cash after delivering products.

Advantages of Pure Digital Store com

Here we get listed advantages of the website through Pure Digital Store Reviews.

  • The connection of the website has securities from HTTPS and SSL.
  • From this website, users can pay after receiving the products at the door.

Disadvantages of Pure Digital Store com

  • This website has not provided its physical address to customers.
  • This website has not any terms and conditions for refund and return of products.
  • This website does not have any privacy policy to protect user’s personal information.
  • In the product description, users cannot give their reviews for website services and product quality.
  • This website has very few products on it.
  • Further, this website has no social media account on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Is Pure Digital Store Legit?

We get that website is new during the exploration of the reviews and has no internet reviews. Further, it missed much information to mention on it. So, it appears that this is a highly suspicious website.

Customer Feedback

On analyzing, we do not get any reviews on the internet, and it has no option to review their products. Also, the website is a few days old. So, without feedbacks saying anything about quality and services is not right, though, it seems to be a suspicious platform.

Final Results

We get that website is new and don’t provide adequate information on it. That information is mandatory for an e-Commerce website. Also, it appears like a highly suspicious and a possible scam website. We request our readers to explore more own as spending money on this website is not safe.

For more queries about Pure Digital Store Reviews, please contact us via the comments section below.

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