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Purell Hand Sanitizer Reviews {2020} Is It Worth My Money?

Purell Hand Sanitizer Reviews {2020} Is It Worth My Money? -> This article is regarding creating awareness about Purell hand sanitizer and it’s uniqueness over it’s competitors.

Hand Sanitizers are a blessing, where there is dearth of water. These days most diseases are caused due to germs and the best way to make them enter our system is through dirty hands. 

Every moment we keep laying our hands on something or the other, be it at home or outside. Is it always possible to run to nearest water outlet and wash them using soap? No.

Well, on a serious note, hand sanitizers are advantageous over washing hands with mere soap and water, in many ways. Firstly, the latter process consumes more time than the former. Secondly, soaps aren’t good disinfectants. Hand sanitizers can kill germs instantly and with time promotes bacterial resistance on your hands.

So, here plays hand sanitizers. There are plenty of brands which project their product as the best in the market. It becomes really difficult for a layman to decide one over the other. Mainly the distinguishing factor remains the price point.

Here, I am going to highlight ‘Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Reviews.

Apart from enhanced core functionality, this hand sanitizer can improve the skin texture as well.

What is Purell Hand Sanitizer?

‘Purell’ the company has developed this product with the motive to kill 99.99% germs spread over your hands without damaging the skin. The composition and formula is patented and is almost doubly powerful than any ordinary counterpart in terms of performance.

Purell hand sanitizer is created keeping in mind the most sensitive dermis. The product comes in two forms – Hand Sanitizer Gel and Hand Sanitizer Wipes. Whether you use the wipes or gel, the functionality is same. It’s tough on microbes while keeping your skin safe.

How does it work?

Unlike other similar products which have alcoholic base, Purell has benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient replacing alcohol. The product is low on harsh chemicals and is fortified with four conditioners that takes care of your skin after use.

Being an extremely effective and non-alcoholic product, Purell hand sanitizers have become increasingly popular in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Who should buy this?

Frequent travelers, office goers and even home dwellers must carry a pack of purell wipes or a bottle of purell gel with them all the time. A little bit of gel is sufficient for cleaning your hands immaculately.

Since, the product is powerful, so it can be used less and conserved more.

Why is it famous?

The company ‘Purell’ came into the market in 1996 and has got acclaimation from all over the world by medical associations proving that it’s advanced formulated hand sanitizer is completely harmless and thoroughly effective.

  • This hand sanitizer is majorly made of ethanol, which is present in lesser quantity than alcohol present in other hand sanitizers.
  • Apart from ethyl alcohol, it contains water, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, carbomer, fragrance and so on. 
  • The composition is clearly mentioned on it’s labeling. Purell is free from parabens, phthalates and harsh preservatives.
  • The product is used by most doctors in hospitals and clinics.
  • It is used by damping your hands a bit with water and then rubbing a small globule of the gel on your hands till it gets absorbed. 
  • With prolonged use, your skin becomes softer and hands germ resistant.

What are the negative remarks about it?

However, ‘Purell’ hand sanitizing gel should not be ingested by anyone, especially kids. On consuming this liquid formula, kids might get indigestion problems and bowel irritation.

The product has an unpleasant taste and is flammable. 

Due to it’s non-toxic nature on the skin and 2x fighting power against micro organisms, Purell hand sanitizers were off the shelves pretty fast as a myth was spread that it might kill ‘Corona Virus’ too.

The company however, has never made such a claim and even the renowned medical boards haven’t endorsed this too.


Purell hand sanitizers and wipes are no doubt far more effective on germs that we encounter on a regular basis than other products of similar nature. So, keeping this product near you is the smartest thing to do.

In today’s life when everything in and around us is so fast, then why waste time on washing your hands with traditional soaps. It not only takes time but also, one can’t be sure that the hands are totally sanitized.

If this one product claims to be truly tough on germs and extremely gentle to the skin then, I think there’s no ambiguity in preferring Purell over other brands of sanitizers.

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