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Purenjoys Review [Jan 2021] Know The Scam Mock Site

Purenjoys Review [Jan 2021] Know The Scam Mock Site -> Today’s article will be about a website that provides our readers with a vast collection of women’s clothing, including some theme-based clothing.

Fashion is a priority for women nowadays; everyone wants to have trendy and unique pieces that attract everyone’s attention and is a go-to style for the people. Usually, people search for these fashion options online, research about them, and then only go forward with the flow.

This Purenjoys Review will let us know about Purenjoys, a website that matches this kind of web site’s style and can attract many audiences and customers.

The website deals in women’s clothing and helps them have an effortless style and easily carry it. The website originates and is working from the United States

Let’s move further and get into more detail regarding this website.

What is Purenjoys?

Purenjoys is a website that sells a variety and a whole collection of women’s clothing, which helps them have a style that is effortless and is available at a reasonable price also.

Although, there are many such websites out there on the internet that sell the products from the same category. But, we would say that this website might have got some things that are mainly made and have specific detailing.

This website deals with women’s clothing and gives the customer the option to choose from a wide range of products. The collection includes shirts, t-shirts, Themed dresses, shoes, and many other varieties of clothing.

Specifications of Purenjoys 

  • Website: https://www.purenjoys.com/
  • Originated in: United Stated
  • Product Range: Ladieswear
  • Purenjoys com is currently active. 
  • Shipping is free over shipping of $79.99
  • The website has several other offers.
  • The website offers a 30days hassle-free return policy.
  • Delivery time: 2-6 weeks 
  • Email: support@purenjoys.com

Pros of Purenjoys 

  • The website has a collection of ladieswear
  • The website offers a good range of products
  • Purenjoys com has clothing options from varied themes
  • They also have a group of shoes
  • The pieces are all trendy and attractive to women
  • The collection is precisely for females.

Cons of Purenjoys 

  • The website is just four months and eight days old.
  • The website has not provided background information to the customers.
  • No information about the owner is mentioned.
  • No Purenjoys Review could be found on the internet.
  • Other details on the website are missing on the internet, pointing out that it is not very popular.
  • The website has skipped on the address and contact phone number.
  • The images portrayed on the website have the face of the model cut out, which points out that the pictures are copied.

Is Purenjoys Legit? 

The Purenjoys website has a collection dedicated to women and has vast options for all of them to choose from. The group has several tops, t-shirts, shoes, and many other theme-oriented clothing items for women.

In getting to know the website, we found that the website is four months and eight days old. This is not a considerable time for a website to monitor its performance. The website does not have any related information on the internet but has some customer Purenjoys Review on the website itself. 

The reviews suggest that the products of the website are right and are impressing the people. People who purchased the products are happy by the delivery and the processes. 

The website has missed some information like the background and about the company or the owner. They have also added images that have their face cut out, which takes us into a situation of doubt.

Thus, we will ask the customers to research and give their views on this as we will not provide a verdict here.

What are customer reviews on the website?

While collecting some Purenjoys Review, we found some reviews on the website itself, which says that the products are great and people should look forward to them.

Final Verdict

The website is just four months and eight days old, which is very little time to monitor its performance. 

They have also missed some vital information on the website, such as the owner’s information, the company’s profile, the phone number, and the company’s contact address. 

It was also observed that the website does not have any information on the internet but has some Purenjoys Review on the website itself.

Also, it was seen that the images of the model have their faces cut off, maybe due to some privacy and copyright issues. But, it seems that the pictures are copied, and the company may not be justifying its customers.

Thus, we will not give a final verdict here and will ask our readers to research and let us also know what they think about it.

0 thoughts on “Purenjoys Review [Jan 2021] Know The Scam Mock Site

  1. Do not buy from them. I spent a month being tempted by their cute clothes and finally caved. It took…no joke, 2 months to get to me! Only after I requested a cancellation of my order did I get a processing and shipping notification. They ignored my emails up until I received that notification and then replied “sorry for the late response, but as the items have been shipped, we can not cancel the order”…what timing. It took another month to get to me and the products are a laughably far cry from what is advertised in both look and material. Now I am in the tiring process of trying to “convince” them to give me my refund which there site has a no hassle return policy for and I’m getting a frustrating amount of push back. The site has brought me nothing but frustration. Please do not fall for it, as cute as the ads are. I’m thinking about messaging paypal and information them of the misinformation. A big reason I ended up ordering is because they’re linked with paypal so I thought it was legit.

  2. This website is misleading, do not purchase items from Purenjoys. The shoes I bought were a knockoff from what was pictured online – different heel, different toe shape, different edge lining, etc. The mountain pants had an unexpected shiny finish to the material.

    At the time of writing this, I am fighting with them to honor their own refund policy. They offered me a $5 gift card and keep insisting I keep the items – my purchase was over $75.

  3. OMG PEOPLE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SITE!!!!! I was stupid to think this was a legit and cheap store with cute items especially the boots. I fell for this scam!!! It took two months for my order to get to me. When I finally received my order I was in shock. The material was the cheapest material Ive ever seen. The so called winter boots I ordered for $50.00 were as thin as a flip flop!! and lined with some sort of plastic clue. I have tried to contact the company demanding a refund and like the other people above, I have gotten the run around and will never get my money back. I hope I can at least save someone else the hassle and the loss of even thinking of ordering from this company. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT!!!!

  4. I received my order two days ago and have been trying to contact them ever since. The material is not what I was expecting. Anyone know how to return items? Supposedly there is a 30 day money back guarantee. I should have known better!

    1. After numerous emails they finally responded asking me to keep the items and they would send me a 10 dollar gift card. I don’t want a gift card, like I would purchase anything from them ever again! Finally they said they would send me the address so I could return the items and they would refund me minus the shipping fee of 35 dollars plus I would have to pay 35 dollars more out of my own pocket to ship it back. I caved and told them forget it . So people please be aware DON’T PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  5. Absolutely the same experience as everybody else – total ripoff joint, quality of material was awful and they will not refund

  6. I agree!
    I was upset with the awful mistakes of the shape of my shirts and when I wanted to return my order, they asked me to explain why, send pictures and numbers on the packages. And it turns out now that I can’t reply to their e-mail because it doesn’t exist (!)

  7. I was stupid enough to make an order from them last week… Its been about a week today and after no tracking number or postage updates I investigated the reviews (all really bad feedback on the company) and contacted the company via email to request a cancellation and refund before my items are to be posted.. Coincidentally their email address and website have now been cut off and my emails bounced back.. An auto email came through today claiming the company is currently changing their email and Web page and to contact them via Facebook messenger which I did yesterday.. The message still hasn’t been received and I have contacted my bank and reported it as a scam. Don’t go bear these guys, absolute nightmare!

  8. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Took forever to get to me and once I had the pants they looked NOTHING like was advertised. Refunds are not “hassle-free” either…they push and push and after weeks of demanding a refund they stopped responding. Paypal was no help either, basically saying it was too bad that I shopped there….DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

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