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Pushing up Urban Dictionary (Jan 2022) Read Details

This article below provides the knowledge of the term Pushing Up Urban Dictionary to its users and helps them get the meaning of the word. 

Urban Dictionary has gathered attention in today’s times for the new meaning that the name provides. Social media is something that we all are addicted to, and from there, we get to know different ideas and new information about new things coming up. The new hip-hop trends have inculcated some words under this category, such as Pushing Up Urban Dictionary. 

To gain more information about the term, keep reading this article and know how this word is gaining attention in the United States, United Kingdomand Canada and how people are going gaga about the new word.

What is the topic?

The news is about Pushing Up, which is generally written as ” Pushing P.” This word is gaining attention on the social media handles. This term was first used by the popular rapper Gunna who shared his views on this term in several of his interviews. It so happened that people are looking up the meaning of Pushing Up Urban Dictionary due to its growing popularity.

Details of Gunna

Gunna, also known as Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, is a popular American rapper born in the US on June 14, 1993. The 28-year-old artist signed the Atlantic Records, YSL Records, and the 300 Entertainment Company. 

The success that he achieved in this small age is commendable, and he also has released his commercially successful studio albums and the latest one released is by the name “DS4Ever”, which was launched in 2022. Lets’s have a look at the term, Pushing Up Urban Dictionary and find out all the details.

Meaning of Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary gained popularity due to the meanings of different slang and terms. The platform was founded by Aaron Peckham in 1999. The users can get to know all the information about the word and from where it originated. The meanings of the slang are constantly searched in the Urban Dictionary and now the users are searching for the meaning of Pushing P in the Urban Dictionary. However, the platform has no definite meaning of the word.

Essential points about Pushing Up Urban Dictionary

  • The term was first coined by the rapper Gunna, and he has clarified the meaning in several of his interviews and social media handle.
  • The word means pushing positivity which further means to be positive in one’s life, and we can hear this term in his rap songs.
  • The word does not offer any offensive content.
  • The Urban Dictionary has not provided any meaning to this word till now. Here you can read to know more about the rapper Gunna

The bottom line

Since the launch of this new term, Pushing Up Urban Dictionary, listeners and readers are constantly looking for the meaning. The rapper released his new track titled Pushing P, and users are searching for the meaning of this word. We suggest the readers keep looking and also let us know whether they found the exact meaning of the word or not. 

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