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Qordle Wordle {April 2022} Reveal The Entire Game!

Qordle Wordle is way tougher than the original Wordle game. Do you know why? Then go through the article to discover the truth. Stay tuned with us.

Have you played the Wordle game yet? Do you know Quordle is related to the Wordle game? Yes, you’re reading it correctly. Quordle is the tough version of the very famous Wordle game. Though both of the games are puzzle-related, the rules of Quordle are a little different from the original Wordle game. Keep reading the article to discover more interesting facts about this game.

Like the popular Wordle game, Quordle is also Worldwide famous. People from different parts of the world are willing to know about the Qordle Wordle.

Facts about Quordle:

If you have played the Wordle game before, it will be easier to understand it. Both are online puzzle games. In the game of Quordle, players need to guess four hidden words in nine attempts. But in the Wordle game, players guess a hidden word in six chances. This is the only difference between these two online puzzle games. The amazing fact about this game is that there is a free version available. You can try to guess the word with free means here in so many chances. There is no limitation of chances.

Not only the Qordle Game, but there are also many versions of Wordle available in the market, like- Sweardle, Lewdle, and Nerdle. 

The gameplay of the online puzzle game Quordle:

Like the Wordle game, players can only play this game once per day. Every day new puzzles will appear on the official website. By following the below-mentioned steps, anyone can play this game. 

  • Players need to guess four hidden words. The hidden words will be a five-letter words.
  • The word comes into view four times, and players can try different types of words.
  • After putting the word, the boxes will turn into three colors green, yellow, and gray.

Roles of colors in the Qordle Wordle:

The roles of the box colors are very important for this game. Because by only seeing the colors, players can decide whether the letters of the hidden words are wrong or right.

  • Green indicates the correct letter and correct position of the word.
  • Yellow indicates the correct letter but the wrong position of the word.
  • Grey indicates the incorrect letter.

If all the box turns into a green color, you win the game. Always try to guess the correct hidden word in fewer attempts. Though the players will get nine chances, try to use fewer chances to score the best. 

Qordle Game: FAQ Section-

Question 1. Is the game free?

Ans. Yes. It is free of cost.

Question 2. Can we play the game in Google Chrome?

Ans. Yes. The game is available on Google Chrome. You can play the game by entering their official website.

Question 3. Is the game tougher than Wordle?

Ans. The game is four times tougher than the Wordle game.

Ending Discussion:

If you enjoy playing the Wordle game, then you will love this game. It is a great opportunity for puzzle lovers to showcase their intelligence. Qordle Wordle is a tough puzzle game, so solving the puzzle will be more fun. Click on the link below to get detailed information about Wordle.

Will you try the new version of Wordle? Comment below.

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