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Queplane Reviews [April 2020] > Is It Trust worthy Store?

Queplane Reviews [April 2020] > Is It Trust worthy Store? -> This article is about creating awareness among readers regarding Queplane.com

Internet is the ‘buzz’ word, these days. With people increasingly moving on to online shopping from brick and mortar stores, the e-commerce business platform is greatly in demand now.

Companies are going digital and flooding the virtual world with products and services for making huge revenues. That’s because the investment required here is much lower than in the real world and profits came instantly.

People prefer doing business over the internet and also follow financial transactions here as they are safe and secure. 

But, every privilege has it’s own disadvantages alongside it’s positives. Several companies misuse this world of e-commerce for just making money overnight by cheating common people through devious means.

Here, I am going to discuss ‘Queplane.com’, a newly registered online shopping site in the United States.

What is Queplane.com?

Queplane.com is an U.S based online store that deals in furniture, sports and outdoors, pets and play stations. These are almost the broad categories of products that the site presents.

Clearly, the ‘About Us’ page defines Queplane.com as a unique lifestyle store that caters to the customized interests of a customer.

They have a varied basket of products which are sorted out from the best vendors and suppliers for providing the best deals to their favored customers.

However, the content is copied from another such site, which sells similar line of items. This questions the prudency of Queplane.com.

How does it work?

Well, nothing has been explained about the shipping terms on the ‘shipping’ page, but there’s a little information mentioned on the ‘Contact Us’ page. 

Email: service@pellucidy.com

Phone Number: 1-661-7845802

AnHuiXinHongHui commodity limited company

Company Address: Yaohai Wanda plaza 4-804,277 Linquan East Road, Yaohai District, Hefei, Anhui

The address refers to a place in China, from where several fraudulent companies have emerged, so it’s necessary to verify the location through ‘Google map’ or by physically visiting the place.

Who should buy from here?

Without judging the website too much, if one only sees the products and prices, then it’s truly lucrative for any individual.

The images are good with unbelievable prices and ‘sale’ written all over.

Why is it famous?

Queplane.com has certain positive features, which would hold good provided the company is able to gain the buyer’s trust.

Firstly, the products that they have chosen aren’t off beat but items and equipments that people would require in their everyday life.

Secondly, the prices and discounts are unbelievably lower than the market standards.

What are the negative remarks about it?

But, if images might be copied from elsewhere as they lack description and doesn’t look very real. The discounts and sale might be flashed just to turn in the customers for paying and placing order.

When they eventually do that, the buyers may not receive any product or even if they receive, the items may not match the set standards.

Not only that, Queplane.com looks amateurish, when it comes to construction. The tabs are empty, when you click on them. The content is copied and doesn’t at all reflect what’s displayed in the shop.

Moreover, important details like the owners of the company are not known.

Is Queplane scam or legit?

Well, Queplane.com is a six months old registered company. It has a secure SSL certification and ‘https’ extension, which safeguards the data exchanged between the customer and the company.

Also, there are no suspicious codes found here.

But, Queplane.com lacks in creating external links and social media presence, which is abnormal in case a company that’s six months old in the business. It doesn’t have a mail server of it’s own, which is a lacunae.

The company has given it’s physical address as one in China but has not mentioned the return address. If by any chance, a customer wishes to return or get the goods replaced, he or she have to spend a fortune to ship the products to China.

The cost is generally more than that of the price of the goods. Strangely, inspite of the physical location of Queplane.com being in China, it is registered in the U.S


Online shopping is no doubt delightful, but if one is not careful about the site from where the shopping is happening, one might land up into unrecognizable troubles.

There are companies who sought your crucial financial information like passwords, promising to not share them anywhere but ultimately, they end up misusing the same.

Not only that, fraudster companies show lowered price points and heavy unseasonal sales for attracting people into paying money and ultimately they may not deliver at all.

0 thoughts on “Queplane Reviews [April 2020] > Is It Trust worthy Store?

  1. It is beyond fishy/scary that the “contact me” information posted here is all the same as tingavle.com which shows similar products, I want to buy these amazing things for such low prices but it definitely seems too good to be true.

    1. Same here. I am going to get a disposable credit card and order as see what happens. Its just to good to be true….

      1. Hi Makaila,
        Did you get the product you ordered? Or have any issues with credit card abuse? I am interested in purchasing an item as well and just wanted to hear your experience. Thank you.

  2. This Website and Company are Frauds! They don’t respond to emails and the phone number is a known Robocaller. If you purchase an item, even using PayPal which ordinarily has provided some security for your banking information and a resolution/ recovery process in the past, you’re going to lose your money! Possibly your identity Beware! FYI: PayPal excludes this company from their guarantee, among many others now. Go figure!!

  3. I too want to buy many things from this online company but can’t muster up the guts to do so. It seems all to good to be true. Has anyone ordered from this place with success?

  4. Have just ordered from here am vary worried as looked genuine as it was a sponsored ad on Facebook that take you to their website wasn’t until I just ordered that I noticed I have received a confirmation email or txt message to confirm my order I have a order number but no way of emailing or calling as both do not work can’t get threw to my bank because of this corona virus they are closed as it’s a pending transaction and need to be cancelled hopefully my bank can sort the issue any further information would be lovely.
    Kind regards

    1. Hola amigo al menos te dijeron cuando llegaba tu pedido o algo así? Yo estuve a punto de comprar pero me dieron muchas dudas..

  5. Yo también estuve a punto de comprar pero la verdad me dio algo de miedo ya que los precios y las cosas son increíblemente buenas y mejor decidí investigar un poco más de este sitio y pues creo que mejor no compraré todo es muy dudoso y yo me quise inscribir antes de comprar pero nunca me callo nada a mi correo… suerte y ojalá te llegue lo que compraste si si porfa déjanos saber

  6. I placed an order 2 days ago and like others have said…no confirmation email. My money went to a different company and the phone number that is attached to that goes to a CPA firm here in the USA. I call bogus! I have sent 2 emails, with no response. I will be filing a fraud report with my bank to hopefully get my money back.

  7. order from this company and haven’t heard anything about my bed but they sure did take the payment from my bank already. I don’t know what to do now

  8. لقد ضهرت لي الصفحة التسوق على الفيسبوك وشتريت منه e scooter ولاكن لم ياتيني شئ انه موقع احتيال

  9. Well I order a month ago still have not received my order. I have called the number it does not work. Email they say wait 10 mins and check email and should be there . By this point I piss more piss . I will keep trying to find a new number or website . I did see they do have a new look now up on there now pops up with phone cases. If anyone can help please let me know I would appreciate

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