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Quevos Chips Review (Jan) Check The Legitimacy Here!

Quevos Chips Review (Jan) Check The Legitimacy Here! >> This article is all about a website that claims to make egg white chips and find out its legitimacy with a review overview.

Quevos Chips Review: Every individual has different taste buds. But in snacks, everyone loves chips like Potato chips, Pretzel, cheese puffs, popcorn puffs, and other snacks. But the problem with snacks is that they are unhealthy. People eat those snacks as they are tastiest, and they are suitable for refreshments. Due to excessive eating of snacks, the United States youth are suffered from obesity and other problems. 

To make our life healthier, everyone has to shift their eating habits into healthy eating habits. To change habit lets starts with changing snacks. 

Here we have a website that provides snacks made from egg whites.  They are rich in protein and fiber. Let us get more details of this website snacks and get the answer Is Quevos Chips Legit?

An Introduction to Quevos Chip com and Its Products

It is the first online store in the USA that deals in healthier snacks. This website wants to change the unhealthier chips into healthier chips. They do it by making chip from the white part of the egg, and these chips are much more beneficial than potato chips as these are rich in protein, fiber, and healthy natural fat.

Besides it, the product of this website is available in four tastes. Furthermore, these snacks are Keto friendly snacks. Let us get some more details of these fantastic egg snacks to store through Quevos Chips Review.

Description of the Quevos Chips Online Store

  • URL: If you don’t taste the egg snacks yet and try to taste them, go to https://quevos.com/.
  • URL creation date: The domain of quevos.com was created on 8 February 2018.
  • Age of URL: This website’s URL’s age is more than two years and four months yet.
  • Email support: If customers want to contact them for any complain and query they can mail on team@quevos.com, and for other like for press inquiries, use press@quevos.com, and for influencer queries, mail at social@quevos.com. Let us get more details about website service and products by Quevos Chips Review.
  • Product available: It is offered in Four flavors yet, and they are Sour cream and Onion, Quevos rancheros, Dill Pickle, and Honey Mustard. Also, you can opt for the Shark Tank Introduction Pack. In which you get five packs of flavor.
  • Product description: Form the website in the product description, you will get the details of its nutrition values like protein, fiber, and net carb details.
  • Shipping: This online store of egg chips only inside the United States, and delivery time is upto three weeks.
  • Store locator: this online store has the store locator on its website to locate the nearby store to buy egg white chips.
  • Return and refund: Refund is only available on heavy damage shipments and extenuating circumstances.
  • Social Media: It has the account on Facebook and shares links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and fancy.
  • Newsletter: You can subscribe to its newsletter by entering your email or subscribing to text messages by filling mobile number.
  • Payment: Shoppers can shop by paying through Shop pay, google pay, PayPal, and amazon pay.

After exploring Quevos Chips Review, here we get some advantages and disadvantages of shopping in this store. They are listed below.

Pros of shopping from Quevos Chips Store

  • The products of this website are keto-friendly and gluten-free. It means any age people can eat this store product.
  • Customers can track the delivery by the provided tracking number.
  • This website has the secure connection from HTTPS and SSL for safe checkouts on the website.
  • It has various email services for multiple purposes.

Cons of shopping from Quevos Chips Store

  • It also does not mention the calling number of manufactures.
  • It does not have a return policy for products. It means it also does not have a refund option.
  • It does not mention its Facebook account link on its website.
  • It has negative reviews on the internet platform.

Is Quevos Chips Legit?

After exploration, we get that it is a two-year-old store and has its products on E-commerce store in the USA. So, in our examination, it is a legit website.

Customer Feedback

On exploration, we get many feedbacks from its customers on the internet and website. The feedback from the internet and has mixed feedbacks. Positive reviews said the taste is good and healthier too. But some people say it missed something in it and also criticizing its taste.

Final Verdict

During the Quevos Chips Review, we get that it is legit but missed some information to mention on the website. Also, it has few negative reviews on the internet. So, you can go shopping on it after detailed exploration, and as per your taste and needs. 

For more queries, please write us in the comments section below.

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