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Are SARMs the Latest Rage Among Bodybuilders

Rage Among Bodybuilders: The bodybuilding scene seems to be highly evolving with more and more bodybuilders and gym freaks now trying to look for other options than steroids which are often considered to be highly dangerous and even fatal at times. Those Dianabol and test cycles that were popular till a few years ago are now being replaced with natural alternatives that can help bodybuilders bulk up with muscle without side effects.

According to the popular bodybuilding site CIMAB-SA, SARMs are getting increasingly popularity these days. What makes SARMs so lucrative is that they do not affect your entire hormonal system as steroids do. These are compounds that attach themselves to selective androgenic receptors only which tends to reduce the possibility of side effects too.

They are not just great for gaining muscle but are also highly effective as performance enhancers too. This is why a lot of athletes are also trying these compounds nowadays.

Some of the most popular SARMs include RAD 140, Ostarine, MK 677, YK 11, Andarine S4, SR9009, etc. While some of them are good for bulking, others can help burn excess fat resulting in great cutting results.

A lot of bodybuilders stack or use a couple of SARMs together including RAD 140 stacks to get faster and better results.

What makes SARMs so appealing to bodybuilders and gym freaks?

Here are some of the main factors that make SARMs a popular choice as compared to steroids:

  • Legality

While steroids are illegal to use in most parts of the world, SARMs are not entirely illegal. What is meant by this is that SARMs are legal for research purposes. Having said that, it is important to know that their use is not approved by the FDA. Thus, it kind of puts them in a gray area.

Not just this, the use of SARMs is also banned by most sports authorities.

  • Oral or Injected

While most steroids are taken in the form of injections, SARMs are usually taken orally. This tends to make them less painful to consume. Furthermore, it also reduces the chances of getting infections. Steroids injections or shots can make you experience pain at the injection site for a couple of days but there’s absolutely no pain from popping a SARM pill!

What is worse is that steroids injections can often lead to infections that can last for days and bring about a lot of other complications such as fever, etc. It goes without saying that taking care of such infections often requires proper treatment.

  • Fewer Side Effects

The most appealing factor is that SARMs seems to have fewer side effects as compared to anabolic steroids. This is largely because of the mechanism of action. It’s important to understand that steroids affect your entire system, while SARMs get attached to a few selective receptors.

Moreover, SARMs are compounds whereas steroids are synthetic that interfere with your hormonal system. 

Having said that, SARMs should also be used with caution since some of them are known to be suppressive in the sense that they can suppress natural testosterone production in your body when taken in a larger dose or for a longer duration. 

  • Types of SARMs

Yet another reason for the growing popularity of SARMs is that they can be used for various purposes. For instance, some of them can be used for increasing muscle mass while others can be used for a cutting cycle. Not just this, some of them are highly effective for enhancing endurance which makes them a great option for athletes and sportspersons who want to improve their field performance.

Here are some SARMs along with their main uses:

Bulking – As far as getting jacked with bigger and stronger muscles is concerned, RAD 140 (Testolone) is a great choice. Some other options could include Ostarine, YK 11, etc.

Cutting – When it comes to cutting, there are a few more options that could include Andarine S4, Cardarine, Ibutamoren, SR9009 Stenabolic etc.

Endurance – For enhancing endurance, MK 677 is an excellent option. It is also known to increase fat burning in your body and thus, it is likely to be a great choice for cutting as well.

  • Word of Caution

Even though SARMs seem a safer option as compared to steroids, they should not be taken without caution. This is because these are newer substances and require a lot more study and research before the real side effects could be known.

How to Get the Results of SARMs without Side Effects?

One of the best ways to get results as close to actual SARMs as possible without side effects is by using natural or safe alternatives. There are a couple of brands that now sell legal steroids and SARMs. These are nothing but natural supplements that are formulated with all organic ingredients and can help you achieve your bodybuilding goals within a few months without any side effects or even PCT.

No wonder, such supplements or legal SARMs are gained a lot of popularity in the past few years mainly because they are safe, effective, legal, and do not require a PCT. They might be slow as compared to the real SARMs but you can be rest assured that they will not harm your body or internal system in any way whatsoever.

Lastly, I would like to say that yes, SARMs are the real in-thing these days but it is always better to take the safer route rather than play with something that is illegal and unsafe!

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