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Raging Bull Surf Break {April} Made A New World Record!

This news provides complete information about the festival of raging Bull wave and the new Raging Bull Surf Break record.

Have you heard about the raging bull surfing activity? Do you want to know who the winner was for 2022? If yes, then read below for more information.

People from Canada and the United States were excited about the new beach wave crossing the 100 feet raging Bull record. A Portugal candidate has broken the new record set by the British sir. For more information, read below about the festival and other Raging Bull Surf Break updates.

How Has The First World Record Been Broken?

The competition of raging bull waves started in the British era. In 2022 the wave was estimated to be 100 feet tall for competition and professional registrations. There were many contestants worldwide competing to experience the raging Bull wave.

One of the top players from Portugal named Tom Butler, participated in the event and scored records of 100 feet tall waves at Nazare. The competition by the British men claimed the world record for the biggest surfing wave in the Raging Bull Surf Break festival. 

Details about the Raging Bull festival

  • It was the 14th season of the event that was conducted in Portugal.
  • There were 80 ways that the competitor conducted, and the hundred feet tall was the highest and most dangerous.
  • The top speed of the candidates to cross the wave was 32 km per hour
  • The longest ride the candidate crossed was 297 m
  • The candidate must pick the right board for the ride and swap the hyfi to PU.
  • The candidates that cross more ways and the highest have the winning records.

Raging Bull Surf Break Winner

The event called Nazare 2021, conducted in Brazil in France, had many participants enrolled in it. The event updates started on Monday regarding the to door challenge with low and highest surfing. Candidates from Britain and Portugal maintain the record.

However, the Portugal surfer Antonio Laureano won the European record by the last hundred feet wave. Maintaining the measurement of the board and studying the quest, he made a world record on the tallest wave of 101.4 feet. Counting his name on the world league surface for 2021, he won the world record for the new sets of measurement and received industrial funding for further learning.

Why is Raging Bull Surf Break Trending?

The full raging competition is trending as it is a natural event based on the height of waves and risk of damage. However, one of the candidates in such a condition has crossed the 100 feet high wave record. This incident created a history in the world record books.


In Conclusion, with the help of research, we can easily see that the British rider Tom was able to cross the most dangerous and highest wave in history. After passing similar records from 2016, 2022 has been completely professional in Cornwall.

Was the article helpful in stating the facts for Raging Bull Surf Break? Comment your opinion below on the statement one butler enjoyed the ride and said he wants to do it again.

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