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Rainbow Wand Token (Sep) Unlock Rainbow Wand Override!

Have you heard of Rainbow Wand Token that will help you with enduring gameplay? Then, your search ends here.

Are you willing to earn a token with several abilities in-game? Then, kindly join us to elaborate on the game and its rewards. 

Most players within the United States are keen to discover several multiplayer games that provide a real-time experience. As a result, a conventional token has been introduced that can be gained over launching chests such as Treasure Hunters.  Thus, we will also discover the actuality of the token depending upon the reviews gathered. 

Today, throughout this article, we will speak up about Rainbow Wand Token to realize its genuineness. 

What is Treasure Hunter?

Released on the 4th of February, 2021, it is a daily activity in which the players can obtain several freebies and rewards that might be beneficial for them to increase their durability. Moreover, it can be revealed by keys to redeem chests to win rewards.

You can gain the keys by performing daily spins. In addition, you can redeem any unused prizes and chests to the keys; upon receiving, you will be able to earn freebies. The rewards are distributed based on the player’s skills. 

About Rainbow Wand Token

Being awarded as a Treasure Hunter reward, you can achieve this token during Rainbow End’s promotion. Its main goal is to unlock the Rainbow wand override. 

Token Details 
Release Date 22nd of November, 2017
Tradeable It is marketable
Quest item No 
Value 1,000,00 coins 
Equipable No
Buying limit 100
Uses It is valuable to earn cosmetic Rainbow Wand override.
Weight 0kg
Members No 
Stackable  Yes, it can be assembled
Disassembly  Unknown 

However, this Rainbow Wand Token has several abilities resulting in increased rewards and freebies in-game. 

How to Earn It?

During the Rainbow End’s promotion, you can open a randomly opened chest that will provide you with promotional prizes, including rainbow-themed overrides. Moreover, the chance of obtaining this token depends on the skills gained by the players.

Let us unearth the usefulness of the token expected to help you for sustaining till the last-in game. Then, warmly check the below-mentioned section for further reference. 

Utilities of the Token 

The Rainbow Wand Token is beneficial in procuring Rainbow Wand, which is a cosmetic wand. You can unlock the wand during the Treasure Hunter event. Also, you can trade this item to your friends since it is tradable. 

If you want to know about this item, kindly go through this article, which will help you discover more facts about the token and its capabilities. 

Wrapping It All

This write-up helps determine a well-liked item that has numerous abilities, including obtaining a Rainbow Wand. As per the sources, this Rainbow Wand Token was evolved on the 22nd of November, 2017. Upon researching, we have found that this token is obtainable during the Rainbow End’s promotion. 

The token is tradable, which means you can sell it to your friends to help them during the gameplay. Moreover, its buying limit is 100.

What do you know about the token? Kindly comment your thoughts to us in the box provided below. Visit here for more on Rainbow Wand Token

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