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Rapper Silento Whip Nae Nae (Aug 2021) Know More Here!

Rapper Silento Whip Nae Nae (Aug 2021) Know More Here! >> The news article has discussed the arrest incident of the famous rap singer and his career and past legal incident. Check Out the recent update.

Do you know Ricey Hawk? If no, don’t worry; his screen name is Silento. He is already famous for his rap songs. 

Silento got arrested by the police for the alleged murder of his cousin. DeKalb Country Police Department already files a murder case against him. He is already famous in the United States and India as well for his rap songs. He is a well-known and singing celebrity. He is known as Rapper Silento Whip Nae Nae

Who is Silento? 

Silento real name is Richard Lamar or Ricky Hawk, better known as Silento or Price Silento. He is known for his rap songs. His music stood number three on the US Billboard Hot 100. Later, he also made an album called Fresh Outta High School in 2018. 

Silento was famous for his debutant song. His debut song was released on the YouTube channel on June 25 2015. Within a week, it was viewed by 2.6 million people. All was going good. But on February 1, 2021, he was arrested by DeKalb Country Police for a murder charge of his cousin Frederick Rooks. Rapper Silento Whip Nae Nae is now under police custody which makes his fans upset. 

Did Silento kill Rooks?

In February, Rooks, the cousin of Silento, was found dead with several gunshots on his body on the road. Later Dekalb Country Police started the investigation and found Silento is responsible for the gunshots and murder. 

They arrested the rapper at 3.30 am and took him to police custody. Later the police department announced the arrest news of this famous singer on Twitter. The news spread, and many people start searching about the incident. In the meanwhile, Silento’s fans start praying for the singer. 

The Rapper Silento Whip Nae Nae

The rapper got his fame through the song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae). By releasing this song, he got recognised as one of the famous singers worldwide. The first song got the highest viewership on YouTube Channel. In 2015 Silento became one of the famous stars in the Rap world. 

People were mad about these songs, styles and lyrics. Later he released another album, “Skyrolyrics”, in October 2020. His latest release was “Swish”, already acclaimed by many of his fans.  But the recent incident gives a big shock to his fans. 

Legal Trouble History of Silento

This is not the first time. Silento was accused of many illegal activities in the recent past. The Rapper Silento Whip Nae Nae was arrested in August 2020 for keeping deadly weapons and assaults a few local people in the Valley Village area of Los Angeles. He also got arrested for domestic violence in Santa Ana, California, just before the murder charge. In October, the Dekalb County traffic police arrested him for allegedly driving 143 Mph on the road.

At last, he was caught by a murder charge of his cousin. The legal department already filed a murder case against the singer. Presently Silento is in jail and waiting for his court date. 

Final Verdict

Meanwhile, the legal team of Rapper Silento Whip Nae Nae applied for bail. But this plea is turned down by the local authority. His Public Relations Manager Chanel Hudson already asked for fan’s support and praying for his release. Are you a fan of Silento Songs? Then comment down.

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