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Razor Claw Legends Arceus {Feb} Find Methods To Acquire!

This article is all about the Razor Claw Legends Arceus and how to obtain it. You should read the article to know this feature in detail.

All of us have grown up watching Pokemon games during our childhood. There have been various games related to Pokemon. But the Pokemon series has its place in the minds of the 1900 generation. Pokemon Legends is the 8th series of the Pokemon Legacy.

Razor Claw Legends Arceus is the new event in the Pokemon Legends game. This game has been played worldwide in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, etc. This article will discuss the new series and the new evolutionary event.

Pokemon Legends-Arceus

Pokemon Legends is a single-player video game. It is a role-playing game with a storyline wherein you have to discover the maps, find treasures, hatch eggs, play events, etc. It is the 8th game of the Pokemon game series and is published by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. It was released on 28th January 2022.

About Razor Claw Legends Arceus

In the Pokemon Legends Arceus, there is a new exciting, revolutionary item that you can unlock by playing the event. It is called a Razor claw. It is a sharp object that can cut through anything. It can evolve certain Pokemon. You can get the object by purchasing it from the shop using merit points or defeating certain Pokemons. Those Pokemons are Sneasel, Sneasler, Hisuian Sneasel, and Weavile. 

How to obtain the Razor Claw?

Different methods could obtain the Razor Claws. In Pokemon Legends, the Razor Claw Legends Arceus is a weapon and evolves Pokemons. You can either buy that with the merit points using 1400 merit points or purchase through Ginter in Jubilife Village. You can also get it by searching in the space-time distortion zones or by beating up the Sneasels as they drop it. You can find a Sneasel in the Alabaster Icelands and the Coronet Highlands. The Sneasel evolves during the daytime. It can use the razor claw during the nighttime.

Reviews about the game

Pokemon-related games are everyone’s favorite. The whole Pokemon video game series is enjoyed by people worldwide. The Razor Claw Legends Arceus event has been exciting to the players in the new series. The game has a 4.5-star rating on google. The reviews are positive. We recommend you try this game if you are a Pokemon fan. The experience of catching Pokemon is satisfactory, as claimed by the users.


The new game of the Pokemon series called Pokemon Legends has been launched recently. It is the 8th game of the series. There are mostly positive reviews about this series over the Internet. You can obtain the revolutionary item by either purchasing it or searching for it. 

In this article, we have talked about Razor Claw Legends Arceus and how to obtain it. If you are interested to know in details about the same, you can visit this link. 

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