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Rbwzz Scam {May 2022} Explore The Detailed Reviews!

Scroll down the article below, which helps you analyze whether the Rbwzz scam is legit by going through all the reviews and other details.

Are you a specky person? Do you love to shop online for glasses and other multifocal specks? If so, this article will be an eye-opener for you, as we are reviewing an online Ray-ban sunglasses store for you.

The website looks legit, and all the specs available here look classy, standard, promising, and fulfilling. The prices they display have also had a positive impact on viewers at first, as they appear in the currency of Australia. Still, we need to know whether Rbwzz scam or legit?

Is This Website Legit Or Not?

We live in an era where fashion and looks should come first at any cost. Some websites are taking advantage of this situation, as customers don’t double-check their authenticity. Still, you need to check the below points before taking any steps- 

  • Domain Creation- The domain was created on 05-05-2022, a very short-term creation. 
  • Expiry Date- The website will expire on 05-05-2023.
  • Trust Index- The trust index is 1.2℅, which is low. 
  • Trust Score- The trust score is 1% only that too is very bad.
  • Contact Information- Contact details are found but not on the website.
  • Reviews- There are some Rbwzz reviews available on their official website.
  • Owner’s Information- A few sources have discussed the owner’s identity.
  • Connections- It has a secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Other Scores- This website has very high malware, phishing, and spam scores.

All About Rbwzz.Com-

Rbwzz.com is a Malaysian domain-based website that offers a wide range of authentic Ray-ban glasses and other flares and multifocal specs at a very low cost. 

It is an online store with secure delivery and payment partners that attract people’s eyes towards them. They have attractive offers that are as low as 90% off. This situation arise the question of whether Rbwzz scam or legit.

Specifications Of Rbwzz.Com-

  • Website- https://www.rbwzz.com/
  • Creation date- 05/05/2022
  • Expiration date- 05/05/2023
  • Contact details- 
  • Phone- +60.389966788
  • Fax- +60.389966788
  • Email- compliance_abuse@webnic.cc
  • Address – Lot 2-1, incubator 1, technology park, Malaysia, Bukit, Jalil.
  • Owner’s Details- it has been presented as Domain admin at most places. 
  • Return And Refund Policies- They provide 3-7 days return and exchange offer with size and color problems. If the product seems damaged or worn to them, they’ll cancel the refund. Also, credit card payments will be 15℅ refundable.

Pros That Indicate Is Rbwzz Scam Or Legit-

  • The website has a safe domain of the HTTPS protocol.
  • They are exchanging products without any shipping fees or additional charges.
  • The owner’s address and contact details are authentic and working.
  • Consumer-friendly policies- shipping and delivering all around the globe in a short span, i.e. 3-7 days.

Cons Of Rbwzz.Com-

  • The website’s creation is quite short-term, and it is expiring soon.
  • They deal in different currencies. For instance, they sell their products in Australian currency, and shipping charges are deducted in US dollars.
  • No other trusted website showcases any reviews regarding their products.
  • Return and refund policies are partially tricky.

What are Rbwzz reviews?

Customers’ evaluation of used products in their reviews helps other people for further guidance. They are important as they play a crucial role in a brand’s advertisement and endorsement in the future. They are important for further buyers. 

If we check their website, we’ll see some of the reviews that will appear authentic. Most of the reviews are so good that you’ll click the ‘buy now’ option as quickly as possible. But after analyzing the entire details, we can say yes for: Is Rbwzz scam or not. As we can see, all the reviews are backdated before the creation of the website.

In the section on writing reviews, it has been mentioned that you have to wait for the approval first then, only reviews will be displayed online. Also, no reviews after the creation date can be seen on this website. Additionally, click here to understand how to get rid of PayPal scam.

The Last Words-

Based on the research, we can answer “Yes” to the question: Is Rbwzz scam or legit!  We can answer no, as many essential details are lacking, and the present information looks fabricated. Further, we recommend preferring authentic sites for your online shopping

Do you find this article informative? Please comment. Also, click here to know tips to overcome from Credit Card Scams.

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