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Reddit Blackout Tracker: Check full Details On Reddit Blackout Live, Protest, Status, and Subreddit List

The article on Reddit Blackout Tracker has explained everything related to the blackout protest.

What happened with Reddit? Is Reddit shutting down? What is the Blackout protest of Reddit? What kind of pricing has changed on Reddit? If you want to know about the Reddit Blackout Tracker, read the details in this article. The Worldwide users of Reddit (sub-redditors) are protesting because of some changes to the Pricing policies. Read the facts and details here. 

source: dodbuzz.com

Reddit Black Out Protest 

Reddit, one of the most popular social media platforms, experienced a massive protest on Monday. Sub-redditors went on a blackout to protest the platform’s change in pricing policies of the third-party API. The Reddit Blackout Status will last from 12th June to 14th June, resulting in numerous subreddits being partially or entirely shut down. 

If you are wondering why this protest occurred and what it means for the future of online communities, then the Reddit Blackout Tracker is the perfect resource for you. With the help of a tracker, one can see the significant fall in the operations of Reddit users while they observed the blackout protest. 

Disclaimer: The article has been put together to make our readers understand the trending topic. Thus, we have filtered the details collected through authentic sources.  

Reddit Blackout TWITTER

The blackout protest’s news has taken social media by storm; around 7600 people participated. Many Redditors have claimed to protest until the authorities will address their issues. This has created a lot of commotion in the digital world. 

Now, people are questioning, ‘Is this the demise of Reddit?’ ‘Will Reddit go out of business?’ these questions are rising after the Reddit Blackout Live. Many small applications being run on Reddit will be affected, and they will eventually discontinue working due to high prices. Applications such as; Apollo, Bacon Reader, Reddit reader app, etc.   

Support From the Reddit Officials 

Steve Huffman, the CEO of Reddit, posted an explanatory statement about the API price change, and at last, he concluded that he would take questions from anyone; whoever has any doubt about it will reply. But, after Reddit Blackout Protest, when Redditors started asking him questions in the thread, he did not reply to most of them. And to the threads where he replied, nobody understood what he was saying, and the Redditors got even angry after this. Their slogan is ‘they will not let Reddit kill the third-Party Applications.’


The blackout protest on Reddit has caused quite a stir in the internet world; people are discussing it more and more. There is even Reddit Blackout Counter running live to check the participation in the protest. More than 7000 subreddits have participated in the protest by not working. Let us see some facts through charts here.

What are your thoughts about the Reddit Blackout protest? Please list your reason for the change in API prices here in the comments. 

Must Read the Updates on Reddit Blackout Subreddit List: FAQs 

Q1. What is a Blackout protest on Reddit?

A1. Redditors will observe a blackout protest from the 12th to the 14th of June against the change in API prices.

Q2. How are the Sub-redditors protesting?

A2. They have stopped working and gone unavailable to observe the protest.

Q3. How many people have joined the protest?

A3. As per reports, more than 7500 people have participated in the protest.

Q4. Is there any Reddit Blackout Website?

A4. We are unsure about the website, but several facts are present about the blackout protest on the site (link is provided). 

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