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Remishoes reviews – Are they duping you?

Remishoes reviews – Are they duping you? >> Read this post to have idea about remishoes as a brand value. Get info and save your money.

“A woman carries her clothes. But the shoe carries the woman.” 

Said the infamous shoe designer Christian. 

Shoes are a wonderful invention that doesn’t just protect your precious feet when you walk. They give your feet a wonderful new transformation. 

Shoes, just like your clothes, set you apart and are often used as a style statement. They range from basic flats and sportswear to extravagant heels that look an awful lot like weapons. 

There’s a little something for every occasion, something to color co-ordinate with your outfit or even your bag!

We tend to forget that everything comes with its set of pros and cons, and so does a trendy pair of shoes. A bad quality shoe could give you lifelong ailments just as much as using a, and there is no going back from there. 

Since most of our purchasing is done online, how do we tell whether the quality of the shoe we like is trash? 

Remishoes is one such online portal that sells some of the most stylish shoes, let’s find out if it’s worth our money! 

What is Remishoes? 

At first glance, Remishoes is your average run of the mill online shopping portal. They offer a wide variety of the trendiest shoes to choose from. Apart from that, they also sell women’s apparel that you can get for cheaper at a thrift store or HnM! This is a tad bit confusing as the brand’s name suggests otherwise. 

The website’s user-interface is simple, and you will find it easy to navigate around it. The black bar at the top of the page displays- Weekly Best Seller, New Arrivals, Shop Sandals, Bestsellers, Women’s shoes, etc

You will spot some of the best-looking shoe knocks offs of high-end brands such as Hermes, Gucci, and even the transparent heels by Jessica Rich. No harm there, though. 

All the products seem to have slashed prices, almost $20 less than the original price. Such marketing gimmicks are fickle, and they entice you into buying products you may not require. 

Remishoes Reviews

To be honest, the images of the shoes on the website look beautiful. As a shoe lover, I would not hold it against you if at you all you buy a pair from Remishoes. You can purchase the shoes only online. The company is currently shipping to the following countries- United States, Canada,  United Kingdom , Australia, and New Zealand.

From personal experience, I do know that rarely do you get what you see—reminding me of websites such as wish and romwe. Both low-cost clothing websites that rarely send you the product that looks remotely close to the one in the picture. 

The website has an email Id provided if you need to reach out to the customer care department. I do not see a red flag here as a lot of these fast fashion websites get the job done!  

Remishoes Customer Reviews

You will spot customer reviews on the website, but they only boast of how good the products are and how good they fit. One customer says, “Bright color and very comfortable. Daughter enjoyed wearing :)”

When purchasing online, there is always the risk of being scammed and losing your hard-earned money! So, checking up on the brand’s validity is essential. 

Which made me come across multiple articles on google that talked about, how Remishoes is scamming people?

But there are other fast fashion companies who have built their business by selling online! I wonder if the website is really scamming people! 

Final Verdict

I despise fast fashion websites as the product rarely lasts longer than three months. But for some people, the product may last longer! Shoes see a lot of wear and tear, they can be salvaged, but would you really want to spend ten more dollars to fix a 29-dollar shoe? 

You can quickly get a good pair of shoes from brands like HnM or ASOS! They, too, provide a variety, and you can even test out the fit by hitting the stores. 

It is a 2-way street, some may face a bad experience, and some won’t. You will have to check that out for yourself before finally settling on whether to buy or not. 

0 thoughts on “Remishoes reviews – Are they duping you?

      1. Keep waiting. Ordered mine 2/18 still waiting. Many emails requesting refund go unanswered. Scam company k

      2. Yes I ordered shoes from them back in April I still haven’t gotten my shoes yet and im gonna report them to the better business bearue


        1. Keep waiting. Ordered mine 2/18 still waiting. Many emails requesting refund go unanswered. Scam company kik

      1. I ordered mine feb 25th. Been emailing back and forth and they keep claiming it’s because of covid that fedex hasn’t gotten them to me. Well I checked with FedEx and they haven’t even received the package from the company! The company merely printed the shipping label, but haven’t dropped off the package. Going on two months with nothing. I’m beyond annoyed.

      2. Well, I guess I’m glad i’m not the only one who got duped…made a purchase on Feb 21…it’s now May 8 and still nothing. Emailed several times and they gave me the same excuse. The tracking ID has not been updated since Mar 7. I’m now at the angry posting phase. I just left negative comments on the items i purchased but i’m sure they won’t display. I reported their facebook page as fraudulent. Lastly, as i’m writing this, i’m on hold with my credit card company to see if i can fight the charge. Good luck ladies…so annoyed!!!

      3. This store is trash!!! I ordered in February and they still have yet to ship and will not issue me a refund. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS STORE!!!!!

        1. I have been waiting for my shoes since March 28 2020 and I’m pissed off!! Trying to contact them is a damn nightmare! NEVER WILL I ORDER FROM A FB SITE AGAIN!

      1. I ordered March 5th and its been over a month and I haven’t received my shoes yet???? Also, I contacted them weeks ago and they assured me it was headed to the US and that I had to await a shipped/logistics number to check status and that again was weeks ago??? I do understand now the slow shipping due to Corona but that wasn’t an issue when I purchased.

      1. I too have been waiting for a month and a half! I get the same responses as everyone else when I email them! I want to word to get out that this is a SCAM of a company!

    2. well I have come to the conclusion that this is a fake site I am going to fight the charges low life thugs.

      I am going to request a refund I orderd on april 29th have not received a shipped reminder

    3. I’ve been waiting since Feb 16th, 2020. I’ve requested a refund 4x and still no refund. Their response was, ‘the item is in route’ so unable to refund.

    4. I never got mine at all. They told me they had been shipped a month ago.. Then told me a tracking number would come eventually.. I filed dispute. no shoes or tracking number for a month!!! They then told me they wouldnt ship shoes, the ones they said they already shipped, because i filed a dispute!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

      1. I’m still waiting for my order, from March 5, 2020. I’ve emailed numerous times, with no solution. Shiver keeps responding, asks me to be patient. Filed a claim with PayPal. This company isn’t awful and likely, not legit.

      2. This fucking company is a scam…i ordered March21st..still no pakage…i emailed them they kept saying due to corona its taking a while to ship.. i disputed with paypal..
        They sent paypal a fake tracking # & stated they delivered my package…i was so furious after emailing there customer service back & forth & my packages was never received….NEVER AGAIN…they are scammers….

  1. These people ripped me off waited 2 months for the shoes i ordered they never came kept emailing them over and over and could never get a real answer now i have demanded a refund ……2 weeks ago….still waiting…..pretty sure they just robbed me.

    1. Ordered my shoes March 6th. I’ve emailed 2 messages & havent recieved one back! Beginning to believe they scammed me

  2. Ordered and paid for 5 pairs, received one pair. No sign of the rest, it’s been over a month. Wrote them an email, they responded back with “coming soon” but that was 3 weeks ago. Probably got screwed here.

  3. Ordered 2 pairs of shoes, well over a month ago, sent email for REFUND, and i get back “stuck in customs” ….. still waiting…l’m quite sure I was robbed as well

    1. Ordered two pair of shoes as well about a month ago not received anything yet! Will probably never receive anything what happens in this case?? Do we call our bank account?

  4. Ordered my shoes a month ago . Let’s jus say I’m pissed. They are lucky I only spent $30. Just by reading the reviews I’ll never get my shoes as well.

  5. Same as the above comments. Order never arrived! Filed a dispute with my bank for the money back. Beware!!

  6. I ordered over a month ago. Have not received anything. I’m gonna have my bank reverse the charge.

    1. Well I ordered my sandals in January 2020, and have not recieved them yet? I’ve decided to ask the Today Show to help us out .Expose them for the feud that they are. Go to your Bank and as for your money back show them. some of the complaints . Then let them deal with them They need to be shut down. But they will only pop up again using a different name , stealing someone else’s money . Stop ordering shoes and clothes from China..


    You will NOT receive your order. They will converse with you via email promising “your order is on the way” with no valid form of tracking.
    I had to dispute the charge through my bank.
    Don’t waste your time.

  8. Same here, it’s been 6 weeks and they claim it’s on the way to the airport. I’m Disputing charge with my bank.

  9. Same!! Ordered over 6 weeks ago and received a text that on April 6th it was on the way ???
    Such a shame that it shows up continuously on our FB feed. I’ll attempt to file a complaint to the BBB and dispute the charges on my cc.

  10. I ordered mine 2 months ago too! Never received! I now am realizing definitely do not order from a place that has no contact info other than email. I reporting this place because people don’t deserve to get robbed from scum like this! I sent an email and heard nothing, not even an automated one back. Do not order from here or from prettycu either! I’ll be calling the better business bureau as well. This is ridiculous!

    I filed a complaint today to the federal trade commission against Remishoes. I truly think it’s a bogus website that scams everyone. I order five pairs of shoes Feb 25th and have been given the run around ever since. Their excuses of not receiving my items range from covid19, to fedex slacking to the packages being lost. I will be going to my bank Monday to request the refund. Only thing I’m really upset about it I wanted those clear leopard sandals dang it!

  12. How sad looks like we are all on the same boat, I’m going one month with not receiving a word for my TWO pairs of shoes that I PAYED FOR. So pissed that I believed in this sketchy website.

  13. Yes I ordered over a month ago however did receive the cheaper pair of the two pairs I ordered. Of course it says delivered both not true. And the pair I did receive so cheaply made I could buy them in a dollar store. Someone needs to shut this company down for good.

  14. I ordered early March. No package, no tracking number! I wish I should have checked them out first! I’ve taken steps to report them to FTC. Filing a claim. I’m done! They are lie in every response!

  15. Ordered beginning of February 2020. Nothing yet and tomorrow is May 1st. Scam all the way. It’s unfortunate for legit small business because now I’ll likely not purchase via instagram sales.

  16. They just emailed over 100 people asking us for our phone numbers in order to complete our order. I msged them on their instagram as well. and nothing. I will file a dispute with my bank. This is awful.

    1. Ordered a pair of sandals in February, and I still don’t have them. The company won’t respond to my emails either. A few customers left comments about not receiving their orders (after months of waiting) on the company’s Instagram page. Those comments have been deleted. A lesson learned.

  17. I ordered 2 pairs of shoes over two months ago and they’re giving me same excuses regarding COVID. The other “coincidence” was the evening I ordered my shoes I had a fraud alert from my bank on the credit card I used as someone in New York was trying to use the card on a taxi. I live in Florida. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! COMPLETE SCAMMERS!!


  19. Do NOT buy from these scammer I purchased a pair of shoes Feb 2 They provided bogus shipping information I contacted them they did respond they are unable to refund me because it was Paypal Paypal also will not refund me because they provided valid shipping info ?? What the heck

  20. A SCAM. It has been well over 2 months since I ordered, and every time I contact them they tell me that my shoes are caught in customs & to be patient. Also, the person that has responded to my emails is names “Jasmine” & I do not think a real company would have the same person responding to all emails? I have the Arrive app & it has shown that my shoes have been in Indiana for weeks??? When I requested for a refund “Jasmine’s” response was “sorry for the inconvenience”. This is a SCAM. Not a real company!!!!!

  21. I have been waiting on my shoes for over six weeks. When I attempted to send an email to Customer Support, I never got the option to Send. I think we need to all send a message to Facebook to remove them.

  22. I ordered my shoes on March 28th and I’ve yet to get them!! I will NEVER EVER order anything off a fb add again!!!!!!!!! I’m very angry and I WILL be notifying this company either to send give me a refund or send me my damn shoes !!!!!! 😡

  23. I ordered my shoes in January, still nothing. I’ve sent at least 30 emails, the last 12 of them requesting a refund, they keep saying longer than normal wait times due to Covid. Ridiculous DO NOT ordered from them Scam !!!!!

  24. Glad to know I am not alone. I ordered a pair of shoes back in early March and still have not received them. I have also reached out to the company and received and email from Jasmine providing bogus shipping information that has been showing pending for over a month.

  25. This is what we get for ordering out of the us … stuck and get get out money back! I am personally don’t ordering on line

  26. Website is a fraud! I Luckily was able to dispute the charges. As soon as. I received the “confirmation” emai…Misspellings throughout! Number 1 red flag! 5-45 days to receive the shipment. If you email them they email you back in the middle of the night and try to convince you not cancel and they eat they write is bad grammar . Meanwhile they
    have no intention of ever giving you back your money! This was 2 months ago and just this past week My bank ATM card was compromised in that they tried to withdraw funds! The attempt was made out of Saudi Arabia!! So although I changed all my passwords As soon as I realized the website was a fraud they still were able to hack me! So BEEARE! Change your passwords to everything ASAP and dispute the charges bc u will never get anything you ordered other than your identity being hacked!

  27. I have been waiting on shoes since 3/7/20 and still don’t have them. I have emailed their customer service dept numerous times asking for a refund and to cancel the order and all they do is respond with the FedEx tracking number. However, when you enter the tracking number in FedEx the label has yet to even be created in the FedEx system. Total scam. Thankfully I only spent $60 but lesson learned…never again.

  28. Oh my gosh! Me too! And they had the nerve to send a survey about the shoes! I emailed and it’s not valid. I want my money back!

  29. Same here and it’s been 3 months now. Was told they can’t refund as they shipped already. Then where the hell are they?

  30. It’s officially been 3 months since I ordered. I disputed the charge with the bank and got my money back. They have since taken down their IG page – or it was just reported so many times. I received a new tracking email from the company – now it is UPS. The last fake one they sent over a month ago was through FedEx. ‘Cindy’ just emailed me asking that I close the chargeback with the bank since they the tracking. ABSOLUTELY NOT I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ITEMS.

  31. This company is bogus! 80 days and counting! NO SHIOES AND NO REFUND TO DATE!! Don’t order from these thieves!!

  32. I also ordered two pairs of shoes back in February and it is now the beginning of June and they still haven’t arrived. I sent an email checking on the order and they gave me the same excuse and then suddenly a shipping notice came through but all it was is that they printed the shipping label. This is a big scam…..do not order anything off of this website. I will be contacting my credit card company to see if they can reverse the charges.

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  34. I ordered in February and had requested a refund numerous times before they even shipped the so called shoes, they kept begging for time even when I was adamant I wanted my money back. They created a Fedex label and never shipped anything, then when I reported them to PayPal they disputed my claim and created another shipping label. My PayPal claim is still open and I finally received what they shipped yesterday. The order was two pairs short even though they did the shipping as if it was the entire order, and the two pairs that came was smelly and so poorly made. I did not put those things on my feet. I am sending them back and I am still pleading my case with PayPal. I honestly did not realize this was some scam company out of China. Never again!

  35. Kylee, I am having the EXACT same issue with the exact same response from Remishoes. I ordered on March 8, 2020 and am still waiting. FedEx says they don’t have the merchandise. Looks like we’re getting screwed.

  36. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes on March 1.
    They were keeping me convinced almost 4 months that the delay was because of COVID.
    Today I received the package with just one of the pairs, not my size…and the terrible quality. I’ll try to get back my money even though You can’t do it if paid by PayPal.

  37. I had ordered a couple of different items at the same time I received all of my other orders even with delays due to COVID and I had forgotten about this order until Today so I said hmmm interesting it’s been over a month now so let me look into what’s going on. The tracking number seems to not move. I come to this review website and well would you look at that we all have the same complaints no one ever received shoes. TOTAL SCAM DON NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. Main reason why I no longer from social media Ads.

  38. Ooooo well, with all these reviews of not getting shoes, i fall in line with everybody else, i’ve been scammed as well, ordered 2 pairs , May 1, and May 6, no shoes as of yet, when inquired of course they blaming it on Covid-19… BOTTOM LINE, DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY😠

    1. This is too much long-duration…!…. you need to contact directly at the official website and drop your complaint in the comment box with your order number.

  39. I also received an email stating that my order had been fulfilled May 18th. I never received anything. They kept my $109. Facebook should be notified that they have a scammer taking money from its customers.

  40. I ordered shoes, back in May. I thought this was a scam and requested my money back from the bank. But a few days ago I got 2 out of the 3 pairs I ordered.

  41. Your will NEVER receive your shoes. I finally filed a Better Business Bureau report. This is an awful company. They only send emails promising to send them. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS “COMPANY”!

  42. I waited weeks for my order. Last week I submitted a dispute via Paypal. They took care of it. Don’t buy from Remishoes.

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