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Customizing Your Restaurant Booths to Match Your Brand and Theme

Managing a restaurant can seem like a lot of fun at the outset, and we’re not denying that it truly has the potential to be a satisfying and fulfilling career to go for. However, you can’t just enjoy the good without recognizing the effort that comes along with it. There really is no end to the things you need to optimize to give your restaurant some much needed longevity.

The thing is, restaurant owners have so much that they need to deal with that they often forget about the finer details. For example, you likely already know that restaurant booths are the best choice available, but does that mean that you can just go out and buy whichever booths are the cheapest?

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with trying to save a few bucks here and there, you’re trying to run a profit making enterprise after all, it’s important to temper your frugality with some common sense. The thing that gives a restaurant its identity even more so than the cuisine that it has on offer is its branding, as well as its theme.

Picking a theme for your restaurant can be the kind of thing that can make the difference between its success and failure. Countless eateries that served perfectly adequate and even downright delicious menu items ended up crashing and burning due to one specific reason: they were lacking in their presentation.

We can’t stress the importance of optimizing presentation enough, which obviously means that the type of booths you buy will need to be factored into the equation. The simplest way to look at this is in the context of colors.

For example, if you are going with a marine theme, it’d make sense if you acquired booths that have shades of blue and green. Ideally, the colors present on your booths should correspond to the overall hues present in your theme. You don’t necessarily need to go for a one to one match, but anything that is of a similar shade should do pretty well in this regard.

Not all themes are simple as the one we described above. You don’t always need to be so finnicky about matching the colors in an exact and precise manner. Sometimes you can get away with opposing colors. Consider trying out a color wheel so that you can discover matchups that are bold yet complementary to one another. The key here to ensure that none of your colors end up clashing with each other in a garish or unpleasant way.

However, you can only get so far if you focus on nothing but the color of your booths. They have a bunch of other features that will contribute to their overall appearance, and its essential to make sure that it all blends in seamlessly with the rest of your theme.

This is where the structure of your booth comes in. Bench booths tend to have a more casual appearance. If your restaurant caters to casual diners, you might be better off choosing these bench booths instead of the fancier models that are available. They also provide a great deal of breathing room for customers.

That can also be an intrinsic part of your brand. Customers will associate the overall ambiance of your eatery with the theme, and spaciousness definitely forms a crucial part of that. It’s quite common for restaurateurs to opt for a more close knit setting. That might end up making your restaurant seem cramped, but if you play your cards right it will simply give it a cozy and appealing look.

At this point we feel like we should mention the role that materials can play. The type of material that your booth is made out of can be instrumental to what you are trying to accomplish here. Wood, laminate and fabric are three of the most common choices.

It’s best to parse these based exclusively on the type of restaurant that you’re finding yourself managing. If you’re the owner and operator of a fine dining establishment, laminate is usually the way to go. Fabric might clash with the sophistication of your branding, since it’s usually reserved for restaurants that appeal to fast food customers and rely on fast turnover rates.

As for food, this is quite well suited to a variety of different restaurant types. In case you’re not quite sure what type of niche your own eatery falls into, wood booths can be a solid choice since it is quite unlikely that they wouldn’t fit in and match with your theme.

Finally, you should remember to incorporate perhaps the most foundational element of your brand: your logo. You probably already have this logo displayed prominently across a wide swathe of your interior décor, and adding it to the booths as well will do a lot to make it recognizable.

Custom booths can be fitted with virtually any type of design element that you have in mind. Just make sure your logo is tasteful, otherwise it would appear ostentatious and alienate customers who would have otherwise been glad to enjoy a fine meal at a table that you’ve set aside for them.

Wood booths are especially useful from a logo adding point of view. You can carve the logo into the wood itself. Most custom booth providers would be able to get this done fairly easily. You need only provide them with a list of your requirements. If you notice anything untoward or if you feel like your instructions were not fully satisfied, a top notch booth manufacturer would never hesitate before setting things right. Never hesitate to be assertive when it comes to keeping your branding and theme consistent.

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