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Digital Labels for Retailers Help in Improving Sales

Internet and technology have made our lives easier and quicker as compared to manual findings in which you need to do all tasks manually, this increases the demand for more employees.

The products placed on the shelf of grocery stores, the whole record maintained about which product is placed and the number of products, the electronic shelf label provided by vusion, help in maintaining a record, it helps in maintaining prices,  retailer can use it for their convince,  it will improve the efficiency of the store, help in the promotion of products. 

It will improve in-store shopping,  improve the customer experience through their labels in which the whole detail is mentioned, it results in a fast payout. 

In food restaurants, the prices changed abruptly or there is a continuous change in the price of a food item, it is not feasible to change the price immediately but this technology makes it easy to alter the price according to the situation and appeared on a label to do not need extra efforts to change it. Thus it helps the retailer to manage the store at the lowest price with great precision and minimal cost.

SES imagotag are developed for future grocery stores according to the requirement of retailers, then it is very easy to change the price on labels according to the situation and can change the information of products on the labels, these vusion labels are very adaptable and can be changed or alter according to the situation and easily removeable. These labels can be easily tilted or used on the shelf.

Full security of the system:

The whole system is digital it is not easy to change the price digitally on these digital labels, the labels are locked and theft proof, so there is no chance of changing the price digitally on the labels,  it makes sure the perfect merchandise plane for the retailer.

Automatic pricing system:

This system used artificial intelligence to automate the label editing according to the situation, these digital labels can be adopted and the pricing is adjustable by automation, it removes the pricing error by up to 100 percent thus improving the pricing image, it increases the efficiency of customer experience and reduces customer complaints, also reduces the chance of government fines thus these factors overall increase the sale of products. 

Simplify the instore operation:

These amazing electronic shelf labels increase the efficiency of in-store shopping, these electronic labels reduce labor costs you do not need to hire more laborers for assistance these amazing electronic labels themselves automate the whole function, implement the pricing policy according to the situation, these digital labels reduce wastage of product. Thus staff can focus on another task to improve customer service. 

This cloud system is the best choice for electronic labels, they are your business partner as they will help in increasing the sale of your product. Most important increasing the customer experience which will encourage them to shop easily and quickly without waste of time.

Easy automation help in reducing extra effort for changing the manual labels according to the increasing prices, the electronic labels are set up automatically  according to the current situation so there is no chance of fraud or ambiguity in this pricing. 

Moreover having electronic labels are cool and efficient, it will look very fascinating.

Vusion has electronic labels for countless products either for accessories or POP, and SES imagotag can develop a large number of labels for all these items. 

 This amazing system was developed 10 years ago, they have the firm lock of tag on the shelf, and this lock fixing solution is theft Free and gives perfect execution of the sale plan.

The shelf talker and shelf boosters improve the marketing strategy increase the sale demand and better customer experience, and product and brand activation increase the in-store sale of items.

It helps in maintaining product inventory and make sure of the availability of items on the shelves.

It enhances the in-store shopping experience by giving the retailer access to several software and digital services to their customers.

Displaying the right message at the right time is key to customer experience, and improving the marketing and merchandizing plan, this automatic system software activate  the shoppers at the moment of in-store purchase. 

Thus overall now that electronic labels are in use instead of manual editing these labels can improve the sale and alter the price automatically.

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