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Ringchaserz com Legit {Jan} IsIt Total Scam Website?

Ringchaserz com Legit {Jan} Is It Total Scam Website? >> This is a fair article for a Jersey lover who might not want to fall for a scam website, read here.

For all the football fans, it’s always the jersey they want to wear in a stadium. Have you got yourself one? If you search for a Golden Edition, then read if Ringchaserz com Legit or not and make up your mind to shop. 

Ringchaserz is an e-commerce platform that feels Jerseys’ in-depth craze for all the soccer, football, and basketball fans worldwide.

Many Messi or Ronaldo’s fans in the United States have expressed their love through Jerseys wearing selfies. So, buy from a legit store not to spoil your enthusiasm. 

What is Ringchaserz?

It is an online store for all the sports lovers who can explore the Jerseys, shorts, and other football, soccer, and basketball merchandise

There is a special category of Golden Edition Jerseys that might take your heart away. The tempting turn here is all the products in their vast collection are already at a discount.

Specifications in Ringchaserz com Legit article 

  • Website Link: https://ringchaserz.com/
  • Domain Age: 7th December 2020 is the site’s registration date. 
  • Contact Number: There’s no phone number. 
  • Products: Ringchaserz focuses on Jerseys and shorts for sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, and football.
  • Email ID: ringchaserz@gmail.com
  • Physical address: They didn’t mention the physical address of their store or shop. 
  • Shipping Policy: There’s no policy mentioned or method of shipping by the owner of the site. 
  • Payment Mode: You can pay through PayPal. 
  • Social Media: They are not available on any social media like Facebook or Instagram. 
  • Return & Refund Policy: They do not accept any return or exchange. They only exchange the products with factory defects within 48 hours of receiving them. When they approve the order, it will take 3-5 business days to refund via the original payment method. 

Pros as per Ringchaserz com Legit article

  • The HTTPS connection is secure. 
  • They have a fine collection of Jersey with Golden Edition and basketball, baseball, and soccer players. 
  • All the clothing items come with a discount and therefore very cheap to buy. 
  • You can subscribe to their newsletter subscription for the latest updates and offers. 

Cons of the website 

  • There is a lack of information like the About Us page, Shipping policy, contact information, and owner’s identity.
  • The email address we found doesn’t match the domain name, which is a red flag. 
  • The prices of every product are the same, and the sale price is also mostly similar. 
  • It has not received Ringchaserz com Reviews by any consumer on a single review platform. 
  • The website is not even one month old, and the trust index is 2% of the site. 

Is the website Legit or a Scam? 

Firstly, the website’s domain age is 7th December 2020, and upon checking, the trust score is 2%, which is very low. 

Secondly, the owner has not revealed his/her identity and didn’t mention its origin. Also, there’s the absence of important information like shipping policy and contact information. 

Lastly, Instagram is there on the site, but the icon is not functioning. They haven’t created any social media page. The Ringchaserz com Legit seems contradictory, and it can be a fraudulent e-commerce shopping website. Hence, people should be careful and kindly do the research. 

Customers’ Reviews 

Ringchaserz recently came into existence, and that can be the main reason behind the unavailability of reviews. 

We couldn’t find unbiased comments about the products and website’s performance on any source after extensive research. They do not have a Facebook account to get ratings and analyses from the United States consumers. 

We assume that consumers do not know about this sports clothing platform, so it isn’t easy to find the reviews. Be the first one to share Ringchaserz com Reviews if you have bought anything from here. 

Final Verdict 

After a lot of research and analysing every detail minutely, we conclude that it is a possible scam in the world of e-commerce. Many negative points can’t be ignored easily. 

The truancy of relevant information for a customer is the shipping policy and contact information along with a suspicious-looking email address. 

Even after the discount, the prices are all the same, which is not only luring but sounds shady. The website’s trust score is 2%, and it is not even one month old. Therefore, people are highly recommended to check and research well. 

If you want to share your views on Ringchaserz com Legit or a scam, then comment below. 

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