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Riotxarcane Com {Nov} A Newly Launched Event Details!

Riot Games is set to launch cross-media Riotxarcane Com before the Netflix show Aracne League of Legends.

Riot Games had announced the launch of the ‘Riotxarcane’ event. It would be a promotional event specifically for the upcoming animated series Arcane and would also feature League of Legends, Wild Rift, Teamfight, Tactics and others.

Riot has recently reached 180 million active users in League of Legends, a whopping number that surpasses even G.T.A in terms of users. Riotxarcane Com would be promoting the Riot and Arcane Worldwide before the latter’s official release on Netflix on November 6.  

What are Riot Games? 

Riot Games is a video-game developer headquartered in California. The company was started in 2006 to develop League of Legends and has developed a plethora of other leagues and shooting games. Riot Games focuses on giving free user experience in accessing the game and charging for additional perks. This is something distinguishing about the company. They organize e-sports leagues, mainly in North America and Europe. Riotxarcane Com is another promotional stint.

The developers have realized that people, in addition to playing, also love watching the game being played. Since 2010-11 it has been organizing events in various parts of the world and is offering a huge amount of money to winners. The sources of income are corporate sponsorship, broadcast, and merchandise.

League of Legends, User Experience and Revenues

League of Legends is an online multiplayer battlefield game that was started by Riot Games in 2009. The game is free and charges only for additional customizations. The game is highly acclaimed in gaming circles and is often the world’s biggest e-sport. Riotxarcane Com is also expected to showcase the League of Legends’ success with enthusiasm. The 2019 championship, organized in Berlin, Madrid, and Paris, had fetched a unique viewership of 100 million viewers.

The tournament was live-streamed on YouTube, Bilibilli, and also on Television by ESPN. As the game’s popularity increased, the customization and assets also increased, thereby making more money for the developers. The game, however, is still free-to-play. In 2020, the gross estimate of revenue generated through League of Legends was $1.75 billion. Riotxarcane is also expected to take the financials further up.

Riotxarcane Com: What to Expect and Where to Watch?

As League of Legends has reached the milestone of having 180 million active users, the parent company is determined to celebrate the feast and promote the tournament further. The company took to Twitter to announce the feat. With this, the company has left every other video gaming platform behind in terms of active users.

Riotxarcane is a cross-media event before the official release of the Aracne League of Legends show on Netflix. The streamers on Twitch could co-broadcast the show when it goes live on Netflix. The company officials have said that every step to make the event successful shall be taken. The plans of the company include showcasing every game of Riot in the Arcane model.  


Riot Games is ready to launch Riotxarcane Com before the official release of Aracne League of Legends on Netflix. The league has reached 180 million active users, and the company is determined to promote the game further by every means possible.

To know more, visit RiotX Arcane is a cross-media event 

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