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Riteaid.com COVID Vaccine Appointments {Jan 2021}

Riteaid.com COVID Vaccine Appointments {Jan 2021} >> Are you looking to get the Covid-19 vaccination? Read this article to get details about a pharmacy where you can get the vaccination appointment in the coming months.

Are you a valued customer of Rite Aid? If yes, you might be aware that all Rite Aid locations across the United States have a partnership with the CDC.

These locations are staged and ready to give the COVID-19 vaccination shots as soon as the vaccines are available for pharmacy distribution.

Right now, this distinguished pharmacy chain is offering both self-swabbing and professional drive-through COVID-19 testing. That sounds quite impressive, isn’t it?

Let us learn more about this through our article, Riteaid.com COVID Vaccine Appointments.

What is Rite Aid and its COVID vaccine drive?

Rite Aid is an American drugstore chain with its headquarters in Pennsylvania, United States.

It offers services and products that help you lead a happy, healthy life. 

It has 2,450 Rite Aid stores all across the US.

The pharmacy chain is currently offering free drive-through testing for COVID-19. This baseline Covid-19 testing program is open to everyone over the age of thirteen. 

Read the coming sections of the article, Riteaid.com COVID Vaccine Appointments to determine how one can get started for COVID-19 screening/testing.

But, before that, one must remember that this screening/testing program is for someone who-

  • Does not need immediate medical attention. The program intends to give access to only Covid-19 risk screening and testing. It is not for people who are experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Is 18 years or older.
  • Is 13-17 years of age but with a guardian or parent who consents to their test and attends and supervises them during the test.
  • Can get their testing done at the select states available.

For more details, visit their website at-


How to get started?

People in the USA are eagerly waiting for the day when they can get Riteaid.com COVID Vaccine Appointments at Rite Aid.

Right now, they can register themselves on the Rite Aid website to join their COVID-19 testing program.

  • Create a Google Account to get started. 
  • Take the screener test by logging into your Google Account.
  • If found eligible, schedule an appointment for the test at any of the available test locations.
  • You can check your test results via email.

Their site says that the test results might take longer than the expected 1 to 3 days due to the heavy rush.

Final Verdict:

Rite Aid offers to protect you and your family through its immunization drive. 

In the conclusion of our article, Riteaid.com COVID Vaccine Appointments, we applaud the great initiative by Rite Aid to support the community-based testing. 

You can start with their free Covid-19 testing. The testing is open in some select states. However, the pharmacy is continuing to spend this testing program.

If you have any experience with Rite Aid COVID-19 testing, do share it here.

145 thoughts on “Riteaid.com COVID Vaccine Appointments {Jan 2021}

  1. I am 85 yrs old and would like to get a covis19 vaccine shot. I live in Penn Yann NY 14527 I have filled out the Rite Aid questionnaire and I am available and time

    Thank You

  2. When will the cov-19 vaccine be available for me I am 90 years old and live in an apartment in Freedom, PA. 15042

  3. I have my Prescriptions at Rite Aid. (Two others come mail order). I take several. I will be 68 in 17 days and I need my COVID vaccine. I was told by my Rite Aid 03033 that on Feb 1st I would be able to sign up for the vaccine. I can not find a way to do that.

  4. I would like to schedule a covid vaccine appointment with rite aid in Oil City East second street location if possible .birthdate is 09/13/1948,

  5. AS soon as you get 2 lines typed it wipes out everything you typed! It’s bad enough after 30-40 hours trying to get scheduled for a covid vaccine and getting no where, but getting what you typed erased after typing for several minutes is just not fair!!

  6. AS soon as you get 2 lines typed it wipes out everything you typed! It’s bad enough after 30-40 hours trying to get scheduled for a covid vaccine and getting no where, but getting what you typed erased after typing for several minutes is just not fair!!

  7. I’m wanting to make an appointment for my husband and myself to receive the Covid 19 vaccine. WE are both over the age of 75

  8. I hav been searching for a rite aid sight near me that gives out vaccine. Shots. I filled out the qualifying info and couldn’t get any further
    I am 78 and would like some help. My husband n I live I n Mt. Sinai LI 11766.

    Thank you

    Carol Parmelee

  9. I am 82 years old a heart patient. My wife is 75 currently treated for bone marrow cancer. We are totally in the dark as far as a vaccine . Every avenue we check is not any help. I’ve heard of numerous people in our risk factor who have been successful in finding injections, but none for us. WHY?

  10. I am trying to help an 80 year old woman to get the vaccine. she lives on Grand Island ny and would like to go to the RIte Aid in Niagara Falls NY she has limit usage with computer

  11. i registered yesterday and got a date for 3-3-21 at the seven fields store but after it said confirm it shut down. please let me know what to do
    marjorie dugan (maggie.dugan@yahoo.com.)

  12. I am 83 and diabetic. I can not make an appointment via my computer. I entered my info and no appointment!!

  13. No I have never had the virus nor do i want it!!! I am trying to get vaccinated.
    I am 80 yrs old with COPD can you help me!

  14. I am an 81 year old and would appreciate any information as to where I can get an
    appointment for the COVID 19 vaccine. Tnk yhaou 610-345-0354

  15. I’m having trouble enrolling for the vaccine. My husband and I are 69. Essential worksr..he has surgery Feb 23…please help me sign up for our vaccine
    Bonnie Perdue 517c

  16. I am interested in getting a Covid vaccine shot #1. I reside in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and I am a customer at the Rite Aid store on Pleasant Valley Blvd. Store #11012. I tested positive for Covid 19 in the middle of November. Would you please reserve a spot for me at the above store?

  17. I am 87 and all this computer stuff is tooooooooooo much for me. I want the vaccine. I am very close to the Rite Aid in Woodland Hills, on 21949 Ventura Blvd.
    Gateway plaza. PLEASE make an appointment of me there. 818 703 1438

  18. i am looking for a covid vaccine, i am 80 y/o, with copd, a hbp,a nurse, with a license, taking care of husband who has cancer, copd,emphysema, please tell me when i can get the vaccine.

  19. How can I sign up for a covid vaccine, I’m over 65, with underlying health conditions? I like to go to the Rite Aid in Jubilee plaza on Westinghouse Road. I’m going for surgery and need a vaccine before I go to a hospital. I can’t figure out how to sign up,

  20. I am 90 years old and my wife is 82. My wife has survied Cancer twice. We have been calling everywhere for the vaccine but unable to make an appoinyment, please help us

    thank you Mr & Mrs P. Fiorella

  21. I would like an appointment for covid 19 vaccine. My zip code is 19128. I am a rite aid customer My home # is 215 482-4475 My cell is 215 872-9435

  22. I would like to make an appointment to get the covid vaccine at rite aid at Delaware St in Tonawanda NY

  23. me and my husband want to get the vaccine..i am 80 years old and my husband is 85 years old..we both have copd

  24. Would like to set up an appointment to receive the Covid vaccine for myself and husband at the Rite Aid pharmacy at Southfield Rd in Allen Park Mi

  25. Would like to register to get the covid vaccine at the rite aid on main street in royersford, Pa as I am 77 yrs old. Could you please let me know when I can do this. My sister is also interested as she is 75.

    1. Once registered at rite aid in royersford, would like to make an appointment when he vaccine is in. Thank you

  26. Need to register for Covid Vaccine for myself and husband. Can’t find the site. 215 855 4101

  27. Where the heck do I get a vaccine appointment? This article was no help. I am eligible and can come to the Rite Aid in Kingston New York. Please help me get an appointment!

  28. How and where at Riteaid pharmacies in Washington State (Thurston or Pierce Counties) can me and my wife Covid vaccinations. We have our Qualifiers (more than 70 years old seniors) from the Washington State Department of Health. We even have our health records with our local Riteaid pharmacy.

  29. How can I sign up for the Civic 19 vaccine? I am 85 years old and have a heart condition. I’ve been all over the Ocean County websites to no avail. Please help me. I am about ready to give up. Helen Voorhees. h lord all.com. 7328225660. Thank you for your time.

  30. I have already been tested elsewhere. I am Rite aid customer. Can’t seem to be able to register for my shot on this site just the test. Please advise. I am 85 and need a shot.

  31. my pharmacy is fox chapel plaza I am 78 years old and should be in group 1 A for vaccine My name is art hussey and my phone is 412-8891617

  32. I have heard that the only way to get a vaccine appointment is to be placed on a “call/waiting” list. If so please add mine as follows

  33. looking to make an appointment for the Covid vaccine in the WNY area such as Salamanca, NY 14779 at the Rite aide

  34. waiting for Rite Aid to get vaccine so as to come get our first shot. Been trying for over a month now to get 1st shot.

  35. Its BS that you have to use GOGGLE the 1984 machine to register for this very important inoculation……………………

  36. I would like to register for the covid vaccine at my Rite Aid pharmacy in Canton Ohio in Easton St.

  37. My husband age 90 and I age 79 are very concerned about getting the vaccine. We live in La Habra,Ca. We go to the Rite Aid in La Habra at 951 Harbor and receive all our shots there. We would like to get the vaccine there as soon as possible. Thank You We are not computer savy.

  38. I have had shoots and vaccines from the store at #210 Post ave. Westbury for the past 4 yrs. Good Show…

  39. I am 93 yrs old and have been trying to get the vaccine but to no avail. I would like to schedule an appointment with RiteAid as I have been doing bussiness with RiteAid for over 29 yrs now and always had my flu shot thru them.. Please schedule me as soon as you start giving them. I live in Roseville, CA. 95661 Thank you

  40. I am 93 years old and have been trying to get the vaccine but to no avail. I would like to schedule an appointment with RiteAid. my store for over 20 years, Please schedule me as soon as you start giving them. I live in Roseville, CA. 95661. Thank you

  41. your site needs to be FIXED. to enter your birthdate I have to hit the back arrow 816 times to get to my date of birth. REALLY you should be able to scroll down to the year you were born and then the date and day. Please fix it and do not look so educated.

  42. I am a senior citizen, have cancer, have a compromised immune system due to having a stem cell transplant and I have tried for weeks & weeks everywhere I know of to try to get an appointment but I can’t. I understand though. There are so many people and limited serum available. It would be great if we could somehow register for an injection even if it was two months out just so we had an appointment made.

  43. I am looking for a vaccine appointment for my self (age 85) and my companion (age 73). I am a Rite aid customer in west milford NJ.


  45. The best response that I can make, is that it is not a good advertisement for your company. The moderator has a very strong accent of a person that speaks Spanish. I can not understand most of what was said. I had several people listen, that said the same thing. We do not plan on shopping at Rite-Aid again.

  46. I have been trying to get the vaccine for months. I am79 with a very compromised autoimmunne system & I’m handicapped since I’m unable to walk.

  47. My wife & I are 79 & 81. I’m a caregiver since my wife is handicapped & unable to walk. Also my wife has a very compromised immune system with 4 autoimmune conditioned. We have been trying to get the vaccine for months to no avail.

  48. My wife & I are 79 & 81. I’m her caregiver since she cannot walk & has 4 autoimmune conditions. We have tried for months to get the Covid vaccine.

  49. How do I sign my husband and myself up for a Covid vaccine? He is 82 with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, and mild COPD. I am 71 with no comorbidities.

  50. Pleaseput me on your waiting list for the covid shot..I am in health care and have an ederly couple,But I’m only 60 years old but need to be safe in my work.. thank you

  51. Good Morning,
    I was told to call today to schedule a vaccination for tomorrow-Monday the 15th. My heart injection fraction is 12 and I have Congestive heart failure and diabetes. I am 74 years old and live in Poughkeepsie, NY.
    Please schedule me for a vaccine this week if possible. I am suffering a great deal of stress without having had one.

  52. I’m old & not computer literate. Have been trying to sign up at your 39155 Washington St., Palm Desert, CA store for the Covid vacination but need explicite instructions. Can you please help me?

  53. I would like to make a covid vaccine appointment
    Can’t find your registration form???
    80 years old
    Charlotte, MI

  54. My husband and I are checking to see if we can get covid 19 shots at Riteaid . I am 74 and have multiple sclerosis and he is 75 and has a heart condition and diabetes. Please let us know if you have the vaccine near area code 17322. (Felton, PA) Janet and Roy Siebert 717-746-4265


  56. I tried to sign up my husband and myself for a corvid vaccine,
    Filled out all the form, but when I came to the signature, nothing worked. I did not submit and enter so I so suppose the appointment went to some one else. I cannot get reconnected to another date. Are all the dates in March taken. Help!

  57. I am 83 years old and have been unable to get an appointment for the Covid 19 vaccine. I have been trying for about 6-7 weeks and want to get it locally as I will not drive out of Smithtown Township. I have gone on several sites and almost had an appt. yesterday, 2/17/21 and then was told it wasn’t available. Can you help me get a future appt. as soon as possible? I live in Kings Park, L.I., N.Y. 11754

  58. My comment is up above. I am not too good using computer so I am trying my best to get an appt. as soon as possible. My husband passed away recently.

  59. I do not know anything about a google account or how to set one up. How do I do this so that I can register for the shot?

  60. I am 78 years old have kidney problems, diebetis, cancer, heartblems, I have a heart machine attached to my bed, high blood pressure, I have to take 2 shots a day and keep notes on my blood pressure readings every day, IREALLY NEED TO GET THE COVID SHOT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thankk you for your time, Raymond Nadwodny

  61. I am a Rite Aid pharmacy customer and a health care worker of the disabled and elderly. My residence is in Buffalo NY. Please advise where I can obtain the corona virus vaccine at a Rite Aid pharmacy or another location in my surrounding areas.

  62. Waiting to hear from my 1107 Main St., Peekskill, NY branch for a vaccine for covid, I am in current age group

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