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Roblox Age Verification (Nov 2021) How To Verify Age?

The guide shares details about the new Roblox Age Verification process and the benefits gamers can enjoy after that.

Roblox, the famous game engine, is rolling out a new age verification feature to allow only the eligible players to access the features and functions reversed for older players. Gamers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are eager to know more about this age verification system.  

The official site confirms that the age verification feature is optional. But, players have to verify their age to access some high-end and advanced gaming platform features. The Roblox Age Verification feature also confirmed that it would not retain any data from the process as it only needs to show a type of ID.  

What is Age Verification in Roblox?

Age Verification is the new feature introduced by the gaming platform Roblox. The feature was introduced on 21st Sept 2021, and it is available for gamers above 13 years with a verified email. The verification process is done in two different phases:

  • ID Document Check – Players have to show the front and back of any ID proof followed by a selfie match. 
  • Roblox App – Users have to use any ID card or government-issued card for the identification process in the Roblox App.   

Roblox uses the latest imaging technology to check the document’s legitimacy, and it uses VERIFF as the technology for age verification. 

Why is Roblox Age Verification Beneficial for Players?

Players who want to access the advanced features on the gaming platform are urged to opt-in for the age verification service. The new feature enables the players to enjoy the following features. 

  • Age-Appropriate Communication – Spatial Voice is the new chat feature in a limited developer beta stage. It will be made available for early access to all users above the age of 13 years. So, to enjoy early access to the feature, players have to undergo the Roblox Age Verification system. 
  • New Features and Workflows for Creators and Developers – Apart from the above feature, creators and developers can trust the ID verification as a sign of trust when searching for collaborators on the platform. 

How to Verify the Age and ID on Roblox Platform?

  • Login to your game account and click on the “Settings” menu
  • Tab on the option “Account Info.”
  • Below the option of birthday, you will see the bar of “Verify My Age.”
  • Click on it, and a pop-up window will launch where you will see a QR code.
  • Scan the code using your mobile device
  • You will get redirected to roblox.com/verify, and the Roblox Age Verification process starts.
  • Click on the “Start Session” button and follow the instructions and allow camera access.
  • Scan the required documents for ID and age verification 
  • You will be asked to share a live photo via selfie.
  • Go back to the Roblox session and enjoy the real-time status update and other advanced features available for early access.   

Take Away

As the gaming community on Roblox is increasing rapidly, the platform wants to ensure that everyone can enjoy gaming respectfully and safely. So, the Roblox Age Verification system is launched to ensure the identity and age of the gamers and provide them easy access to the premium functions and features of the platform.

Have you completed the process of Age Verification Roblox? Then, please share your experiences in the comment section.

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