Roblox Cursor Update (July 2021) How Does It Look?

Roblox Cursor Update (July 2021) How Does It Look? >> In this post, you will learn about a new update in the Roblox platform. Please check the entire information here.

Do you notice that Roblox has updated something in the game? There is the latest update made by Roblox, which doesn’t affect your gameplay in anyways but changes the overview of the Roblox platform a little bit. 

Roblox has updated its cursor design which is a small but very effective update, and most of the gamers from Canadathe United States and all over the world are curious to know about it.

We will briefly discuss this new little Roblox Cursor Update in this postso without wasting much time, let’s move further on this post.

How does Cursor Look After the Update?

If you are a regular Roblox user, you might probably have noticed it, and there is a huge possibility that you might not have noticed it yet. The reason for not noticing can be that the Cursor looks just similar to the Windows 10 cursor and most PC users are familiar with it. 

You know, the old hand-shaped pointer that asks you to click somewhere in the website Roblox Cursor Update looks like that. It is slightly smaller than the previous Cursor, but its black outline and smooth corners give good looks to the Cursor.

Evolution of the Roblox Cursors

The design of the cursors is coming a long way. Back in 2005, the cursor looks more animated and contained a long tail with a bigger size than any other cursor, and it also has a green loading effect.

After that, in 2013, Roblox Cursor Update applied, and Roblox has decided to remove the tails from the pointer; and the pointer looks like a simple, classy paper airplane that was a bit smaller as compared to other pointers. 

In the latest 2021, the tail was introduced back, and you probably know how it looks. The Cursor has a small tail with a paper airplane look. Now, cursor’s recent update recently introduced the details of its looks you have known above.

Gamers’ Views on Roblox Cursor Update

The Roblox community always has positive reviews on any update, but this one has mixed gamers reviews, positive plus negative. Possibly because the Cursor has a simple look which is no different from the Windows Cursor. 

Some of the reviews are as follows “I’m honestly not a big fan of new updates,” “It looks nothing different from my cursor,” and “It is pretty cool.” 

Wrapping It All

The new update has just recently launched if you have an idea about this cursor update, then you can feel enjoyed and can update Roblox developers. Please check out this video to see more gamers’ reviews and feedback and some more information on this update. 

What are your views on Roblox Cursor UpdateAre you liking the new cursor? Please tell us in the comments section below. We will be delighted to assist you. Also, please do share this post to inform others about this new update of Cursor.

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