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Roblox Display Name (Feb) Update On Roblox Display Name!

Roblox Display Name (Feb) Update On Roblox Display Name! >> In this post, you will come to know about a new feature that has been introduced in the Roblox platform.

Hey gamers! Do you know about the recent feature of the display name in Roblox? In case you don’t know about the Roblox Display Name feature; then in this post, we will look into that feature. 

Roblox is getting more and more famous day by day and improving itself to fulfil the expectations of its users. Therefore, this is also a part of new feature in Roblox. 

Gamers from the United StatesUnited Kingdom, and many other countries have already been using this display name feature. Let us know more about this feature in Roblox further on this blog.

What is the Display Name Feature in Roblox?

We all know that your username and display name in Roblox are the same things. Roblox recently introduced a Roblox Display Name feature from which you can take whatever display name you want. 

And it doesn’t have to be different; also, your username should only be unique. Now username and display name both are different things. Your display name is what will appear in places like chats, players list, and your head when you play the game, and many more.

The old days are gone where you have display names like Coolroblox4532; now you can name it as Coolroblox. In case of identifications or anything where you need a unique identity, you can use your username. 

Features of New Roblox Display Name

The process of changing the display name in Roblox is straightforward. You might know the process if you are a regular Roblox user. You have to go to the accounts details page and update it. 

There are also some features or limitations to this feature on Roblox. Many Roblox users even don’t know about this feature since it is recently updated. Some parts are as follows:

  • Changing your display name will not cost you any Robux, and this feature is also available for all users. 
  • You can only update your display name once every seven days.
  • If you can’t edit your display name for any reason, it will automatically update to matching your username.
  • The size of your Roblox Display Name must be between 3-20 characters.

These are the new features that have been with this display name features in the Roblox platform.


As per being one of the most famous gaming platforms in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world, Roblox is improving. Many gamers have been waiting for this feature to be introduced in Roblox. 

Finally, we would say that it is a much-needed feature, and Roblox consumers enjoy this feature. There are no negative reviews on this feature because of its recent release.

Do you have any points to share about this feature? Please tell us in the comments section below if you have. Please do share this Roblox Display Name post with others to know about this attribute in Roblox.

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