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Roblox New Cursor (June) All About New Custom Cursor!

Roblox New Cursor (June) All About New Custom Cursor! >> If you are a fan of Roblox, this article is especially for you. Read till the end and learn about the recent cursor’s features.

Do you play Roblox regularly? Have you seen the new update in the Roblox cursor? Please read below and know how it is different from the previous one.

Roblox players from the United States have been curious about seeing the recent updates regarding Roblox New Cursor. Moreover, this new cursor is a smaller version of Windows 10.

Let’s find a few more details.

What is Roblox Cursor and How is it Useful?

Roblox cursor is nothing but a simple effort of the game developers to make your gaming experience a bit more enjoyable. You can use the creative and cute cursors from Roblox, including Roblox logo cursor, fanart pointers and even the mods cursor.

Moreover, these cursors work as pointers you will use in the game. There are numerous options in this cursor category. For example,

  • Hand-shaped cursor
  • Typing-shaped cursor

A Few Words about Roblox New Cursor

The recent update in the Roblox cursor category has created a unique buzz among all the worldwide players. This new cursor has a smaller appearance as compared to the previous one.

However, this new one features smoother corners, giving it a minimal look. This new update has influenced other shapes also. In fact, the typing-shaped cursor is a new addition to the category. You can use this cursor for the type boxes, including the code redeeming boxes.

How does This New Cursor Look?

The Roblox cursor used to look like an arrow head with a tail in 2005 and a single arrow head in 2013. Moreover, sometimes players used to see a green circle surrounding the arrow. 

However, this Roblox New Cursor looks more like the basic windows cursor and has smooth corners.

Different Kinds of Roblox Cursors

As we have mentioned above, the players can also use other Roblox cursors like:

  • Hand-shaped and typing-shaped cursor
  • Piggy brella cursor
  • Angel cursor

And a lot more. In fact, you can also set customized Roblox cursors as your chrome extension cursor. This will give you Roblox feel while you surf and browse on your system. So, if you like the new cursor update and want to try the Roblox New Cursor, tap your taskbar extension icon at the top on right-hand side.

Can You Get Back to the Older Version of Roblox Cursor?

For now, the answer is NO. The game developers have not provided the option to change the cursor to the older version. So, you will have to use the new update only.

However, if enough Roblox players react negatively to this recent update, the developers may consider it an upcoming update. 

Final Verdict

Roblox has been the most favorite of online players because of its amazing features. And this Roblox New Cursor has amazed the players with its minimal look. The new cursor of Roblox now works even more smoothly.

Do you like the new cursor? Please comment below.

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