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Robot I Girl Sub Indo {Nov 2022} Know All The Info!

This article provides information related to the available Robot I Girl Sub Indo options to readers looking for the good robot girl series and movies.

Are you looking for the best Robot Girl movies in Indonesia? Do you want to know about the movies and TV series that are famous worldwide based on robot girls? Cinema always tries to surprise the audience with unique ideas and scripts.

In this article, we will talk about the Robot I Girl Sub Indo movies and series you can watch on different online movie platforms and enjoy with your friends and family. So, let’s find out. 

What are the famous Robot Girl series and movies available?

There are many robot girl series you will find on internet-based in Indonesia, and some famous actors are found in these series. For example, My Robot Girlfriend, Robot Girl Z and the list go on. 

Indonesian people like these kinds of movies as they are fun to watch and come up with unique screenplay and stories. The characters are un-loving and appropriate for small age group too. 

Robot I Girl Sub Indo– Story of Robot Girl Z

Robot Girl Z is a Japanese anime that is quite famous in Indonesia as they love to watch new series related to the robot girl and different genres. The series is a comedy produced by Toei and aired on the Toei channel. 

You will find new stories on every episode that keep you stuck to the screen as the characters and the dialogues are well written and include various mecha series. You can find more information about the episodes and the series on YouTube.

What are the characters involved in Robot Girl Z?

The characters in the Robot Girl Z of Robot I Girl Sub Indo involve different robot girls placed in different robot teams like Team Z, Team G, Team T and underground empires. The list of the characters according to their teams is as follows:

  • Mazinger Z 
  • Great Mazainger (Team Z)
  • Grendizer (Team Z)
  • Getter Robo (Team G)
  • Steel Jeeg (Team G)
  • Gaiking (Team T)
  • Gakeen (Team T)
  • Barattack (Team T)
  • Danguard Ace (Team T)

Apart from them, there are various characters that you will find on the internet, and it’s better to know about the character before watching the series. 

Other Robot Girl series available on the internet

If you are looking for other options for Robot I Girl Sub Indo, then you should go for My Robot Girlfriend or My Girlfriend is a Robot. Both movies are available on the YouTube platform, and you can also check the movies’ reviews before watching them. 

It is a good thing to go for a change as people have different interests and there’s no doubt that the mentioned movies and series are the best ones in this genre. The interested audience can check the critics’ opinions and select the right one. 

Final Thoughts 

After finding out the information and list of different movies related to Robot I Girl Sub Indo, we can conclude that robot girl movies are famous in different countries, especially among the Indonesian people. You can look at the above list of robot girl movies and decide accordingly. 

What’s your favourite Indonesian movie? Please share your answer with us. 

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