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Robot Paradise Acoustic Wave (July) Is It Legit Or Not?

Robot Paradise Acoustic Wave (July) Is It Legit Or Not? >> Please read this composition to learn about a new transformable robot toy launched by a renowned third-party toy company.

Robots have been an all-time favorite among the toys’ collection of children. Kids can spend hours using their innocent intellect in fixing and unfixing the structures. In addition, if the robot is a transformer, then even adults are fantasized about it owing to the logical rebuilding of the figures. 

In this article, we have discussed a transformable robot toy called Robot Paradise Acoustic Wave, for which buyers in many countries, together with the United States, are eagerly waiting. 

What Is RP Acoustic Wave?

The RP Acoustic Wave is a transformer robot toy produced by the third party toy company FansToys under the brand name Robot Paradise. These are inspired by both the G1 Soundwave character and the sequence of Masterpiece Transformers. The robot toys get transformed into sound systems. Thus, it has the term “Acoustic Wave” in its name, which refers to the travelling of sound waves in Physics. The model name that has been discussed in this article of Robot Paradise Acoustic Wave is called RP-01, which is transformable into a cassette player.


Please find the specifications of the said product.

  • Building Material – Plastic and die-cast
  • Size of Robot Figure – 9 inches
  • Alternate Mode – Cassette player
  • Components in the Package – RP-01 acoustic structure, cassette item, weapons, and other accessories
  • The Month of Delivery for Pre-ordered Products – September 2021


Please find some pleasant facts about the concerned product.

  • The product has been manufactured with high detailing according to the characters of Transformers and has true aesthetic valuation. 
  • The Robot Paradise Acoustic Wave shall prove useful for inculcating knowledge, creativity and concentration in the children while they assemble its parts to create the transformation and back. 
  • As per our research over the Web, the online portals supplying these products have put an upper limit to the number of toys that can be ordered per household, which is a good point to avert addiction to the toys. 


Some drawbacks of this product are listed below. 

  • The dismantled parts of the toys, including metallic screws, can pose choking threats to kids, and therefore, adult supervision is strictly required during playtime.
  • The pointed objects in the figures of Robot Paradise Acoustic Wave may be unsafe for children till a certain age as these might cause injuries to them. 
  • The material used in building these items are of plastic and die-cast, which implies that extreme temperature conditions may interfere with the functioning of the acoustic sound systems. 

Is RP Acoustic Wave reliable?

Although toys are attractive items, yet as guardians, it is your responsibility to examine the authenticity and reliability of the brand supplying these toys before you hand them over to your kids. Therefore, please find some facts concerning the trustworthiness of Robot Paradise Acoustic Wave.

  • Brand Name – Robot Paradise
  • Company Name – FansToys
  • Company Age – 15 years
  • Company Type – Third Party
  • Trust Score of the Portal – Due to the absence of an official platform of this company, we could not research its trust score. 
  • Social Media Presence – FansToys has a profile on Facebook, with many followers and posts. 
  • Reviews – Reviews are available on YouTube about the toys produced by this company.

The above features show that the brand is legit, but we cannot comment on its legitimacy as the product is new. 

Customer Reviews 

There are two products under this series and both will be shipped in the upcoming months, precisely, RP-01 Acoustic Wave in September 2021 and RP-01B Acoustic Wave in October 2021. As a result, the buyers who have ordered Robot Paradise Acoustic Wave have not received the product and thus, are yet to review this transformable robot toy. Hopefully, the buyers of this product shall provide unbiased reviews and their experiences on receipt of this robot toy. 

However, there are genuine reviews prevalent on the platform of YouTube regarding other toys produced by FansToys. The videos include the unboxing, manual reading, fixing and unfixing of the figures included in these toys. There are also moderate to good ratings and reviews of these toys on online e-commerce portals such as ebay.

Conclusion on Robot Paradise Acoustic Wave

Toy lovers who have ordered the products from various portals worldwide, including the United States, are excited to receive these toys shortly. However, if you are still pondering over its purchase, please check out the legality of the discussed product and further information about both models of the FansToys robot product  before proceeding with buying this toy. 

Do you find the review satisfactory? Please share your views in the comment section. 


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