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Robuxizz {Jan} Do You Know About Free Robux Generator!

Robuxizz {Jan} Do You Know About Free Robux Generator! >> Find out possible scam on Free currency generating platforms for trending game by this article.

In 2020, Roblox has created an enormous fan following and a different fan base for itself. But there’s always a struggle in gamers’ minds of getting as much Robux as they can.

There are many Robux generators like Robuxizz on the internet right now as a solution to this problem. 

But the question stands, is it safe for gamers in the Philippines, the United Statesand other nations? Let’s find it out in this article. 

What are Roblox and Robux? 

Roblox is an online gaming platform and game creation system that lets you play and create Roblox Studio games. This game development by many users itself makes it different in the crowd of games. 

Many YouTubers have tried their hands in the game creation and uploaded tutorial videos about it. Also, when you level up in Roblox, you need money to upgrade your Avatar. 

That virtual currency is called Robux and can be purchased from the game’s official website with actual money. But there are many websites which avail free Robux.

What is Robuxizz? 

As we have discussed above, an abundance of techno-lovers roamed on the internet who have developed websites that generate free Robux or at discounted prices. 

Not one or two, but various ways are being discussed on YouTube and other discussion forums regarding websites like this, through which you can get free Robux. 

When you visit the official site, a page will appear you can see thrice written: “Claim Robux” and a big blue rectangular box. In that blue box, they are claiming it to be verified by Roblox and urging them to click on the Claim button. 

What happens next in Robuxizz? 

As soon as you click on the “Claim Robux” button, you will be redirected to another page, where they persuade you to click on the “Continue” tab. 

It will take you to another page, presenting five options of different numbers of Robux in free with their original prices canceled. Choose any one option, and they will ask for your Roblox username. 

After verifying your username and generating a card, they will show two offers to complete to generate free virtual currency

Is this website trustworthy? 

In the Robux generating market, only a few are legit. Many are only existing for getting more traffic. And looking at the layout and quality of content and graphics in Robuxizz, we can’t put our trust in it. 

The most suspicious thing is the Roblox Verified claim they are making. According to Roblox’s policy, they refuse players to generate Robux from websites like this as they can be a fraud. 

Many users are saying that they have received 10,000 Robux using it in their live chat, which seems dubious again. 


Many websites confidently say that they can avail free Robux in return for some tasks done. They are only focusing on getting their website’s rank and traffic level up and mislead users. 

As you can see on the website Robuxizz, their declaration of getting verification from Roblox is not valid as per Roblox’s policy. 

Therefore, people from the Philippines, the United Statesand other territories shouldn’t put any sensitive information.   

If you have any experience with this website, please share it with us in the feedback section. 

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