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Rose Vibration Reviews [Feb] Trustworthy or a Hoax

Rose Vibration Reviews [Feb] Trustworthy or a Hoax -> Are you suffering your chronic pelvic pain quietly? Read the review below to find a product that can help you.

The painful pelvic pain which women have bear due to intimacy, vaginal birth, or any other reason affects their daily life in one or another way. Many women in the United States go through this pain daily but cannot find a solution for this. Rose vibration Reviews will talk about a vibrator that is advised with the therapy, its pros, and cons and whether it is legit or not.

An expert’s physical therapy is a common remedy for this pain and tightness in the vaginal areas. To know all about this vibrator and how to use this tool to get relief from pelvic floor tension, keep reading this review till the end.

What is Rose Vibration?

Rose vibration is a pelvic band created by DR Amanda, a pelvic floor expert in the United States

Rose Vibration Reviews found the S shape of the band to be of great advantage, and it allows the vibrator to go deep inside and reach the most challenging part of the pelvic muscle with ease

The material also is smooth and slippery and didn’t hurt while going inside. While healing her pelvic floor, she found that there are not many tools in the market that help relieve pain, so she came up with an S-shaped band made of silicone.


  • Product: vibration band
  • Rose Vibration ReviewsMany reviews are available about this product at multiple sites
  • ingredients:  synthetic silicone
  • Price: standard $30 and vibrating $60
  • Discount: $5 discount with promotional code
  • Product availability: companies parent website and Amazon
  • Product variation: standard and vibrating ( 10 frequency)
  • Packaging: comes in a dark purple velvet pouch


  • The refund policy of 30 days is excellent for customers as it gives them ample time to judge the product.
  • In Rose Vibration Reviews’ opinion, the product has significant medical value and addresses the issue that mainstream medicine generally ignores.
  • The discount of $5 is a decent amount for a product priced between $30 and $60
  • The parent company gives free shipping for the product above $24, which allows people in the United States to get this band without an additional shipping charge.


  • This product the not certified by FDA or any other medical agency so nothing can be said about its effectiveness with certainty.
  • Since this band goes inside the body, so there is always a chance of infection using this product.

Is Rose Vibration Legit?

As far as the legitimacy of the rose vibration band is concerned, there is no doubt that it is a legitimate product. This product is sold on its parent company website, and it is also available on the marketplace like Amazon.

The company claim that women are suffering from a different problem like vaginismus, pain during sex or vaginal exam, pelvic floor tension, or levator ani syndrome can find relief from this band. Still, we can say with certainty about these claims.

As far as customer reviews suggest, their isa certain benefit which people are getting from this product, so different women will feel relief in a different way depending on their condition.

What are Vibration Band Reviews?

After discussing Is Rose Vibration Legit let’s talk about its reviews, this item is sold on different websites like Amazon, Walmart, and intimaterose.com the parent company. There are some good reviews written about this product which explains in detail everything related to this product.

The review on katrinlove.com can directly take you to the parent website homepage. On Amazon, it has a rating of 4.5 out of five from 343 ratings. Customer comment on amazon is quite positive about the product and most of them have got relief in some way from it.

On its parent website, this product is rated 4.4 from the thirty-eight rating, while on Walmart it is rated 1out of five from one customer.

Final verdict:

After seeing customer reviews on Amazon and reading some of them, the Rose Vibration Reviews research team believes that this product is benefitting many users differently. A company has recommended it for a wide range of problems ranging from vaginismus to chronic pelvic pain, if it can bring relief in any form to the people in pain it’s a good sign.

So we recommend people to use this product in consultation with their medical practitioner. Has any one of you have used a rose vibration band? Or have any experience of this product. If you have used this, please write about it in the comment section below.

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