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Rossovi Store Reviews [June] – Is It Offering Profitable Deals?

Rossovi Store Reviews [June] – Is It Offering Profitable Deals? -> This article tells you about the multipurpose class of products that this website offers.

Are you looking for a multipurpose website? Well look no more, Rossovi is here to feed your desires in fulfilling all your needs.

Sometimes it becomes infuriating when we have to order different stuff from different websites. It only becomes hard to keep track of all the products.

Rossovi store reviews are here to tell about the website is doing reasonably well in the United State. In the article, we will talk about the authenticity of this website, and also we recommend you check out the customer feedback and final verdict section. 

So, moving on. Honestly, we think it is a multi-utility website that takes care of every need of every customer is an excellent way to meet the demands of today.

Websites like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. are upping their game to cover all the market and create a significant dominance to continue to capitalize on their long-lasting monopoly.

Coming back to Rossovi, this website also offers the same with exclusive products along with reasonable discounts. And from our previous encounters of sites which target only females, we can say it also features products that men would like too. 

So what is the Rossovi store website?

Rossovi is an online platform that offers a wide range of products like luggage, sports equipment, men and women clothing, also men and women glasses. We recommend you check out the website to get a better look.

They offer high-quality stuff and accept payment in three different currencies. Both of these aspects have become pretty much a new norm in today’s online commerce. 

They also offer a bathroom accessories section which has a wide range of essential and interesting must-have product in the washroom.

The primary thing you should know is that you have to register with your email, only after then you will be able to place an order. 

What makes Rossovi so unique?

Unlike other websites that showcased some random brands, Rossovi has features some high-end brands like samsonite luggage and bags, LIME T-shirts, etc.  

So, it is well established that they offer high-end brands that are durable as well. They also have a section for a newsletter that keeps you updated with the latest trends and what happening in the fashion industry.

The best thing about the website is its women section, which has the broadest range of selection and the most reasonably priced part of the whole site.


  • Website – https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:fkuMbEd2KacJ:https://rossovi.com/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us 
  • Country  of Origin – The United State
  • Currency Accepted – US dollar, Euro, GB pound sterling
  • Products –  Men and Women clothing, men and women glasses, sporting equipment, bathroom accessories, and luggage
  • Mode of payments – Unknown

Benefits of buying from Rossovi:

  • Be assured of the products to be high end and durable
  • Regular updates of the newsletter for keeping up  with the latest trends
  • The flexibility of paying in three currencies 
  • Beautiful men and women clothing at a reasonable price point
  • Well updated eyewear section with latest designs

Drawbacks of Buying from Rosovo website:

  • The website does not tell the details about shipping method
  •  It is hard to judge the validity of the brand they are offering
  • Cash on delivery payment mode is not available
  • There is no customer review section to verify from
  • Limited luggage selection
  • Mention section doesn’t have much choice to start with

Customer review and feedback

As mentioned earlier that the website does not has a customer review section, it is just hard to tell whether they have satisfied customers or not.

Also, they have not mentioned any specific guidelines for shipping and return policy, which is always negative for any website. Additionally, this online portal provides only a limited selection of luggage options. This kind of feature makes the site somewhat sketchy.

Final verdict 

There is a huge lack of online presence for this e-commerce platform. Seeing the website, we can speculate it is managed by a bunch of amateurs. If you click on the link, it will lead you to a web page that clearly says it is a screenshot of the website.

After more research, it’s been found that Rossovi is almost three months old and generates a revenue of 9 dollars. The mode of payments are not clarified explicitly.

We caution you to make any purchase from this website and share any personal details. If you experience shopping from this site, comment below.

0 thoughts on “Rossovi Store Reviews [June] – Is It Offering Profitable Deals?

  1. I made the mistake of trying to purchase item after putting it in basket it directs you to register login in payment informatio
    I usually us PayPal but on this page it do not list Them as choice so I put in card number information and proceeded to pay but then after paying a prompt came up saying item sold out not available I tried to buy different item and same thing today bank said money taken out of my account for both items first thing this morning I have got SCAMMED I can’t get any number to call or response to messages Does anyone have an answer HELP

  2. I found a great deal at this store and made the purchase only to be told item was out of stock and 15 – 30 days to get my money back. Looks like total SCAM.

  3. i bought something that still shows in stock as am writing this, but when i purchased 3 days ago suddenly said sorry voided, item out of stock.
    So they made me register, give me personal info and bank info and not even a response.

    Stay away , i disputed the amount with my bank.Lets see

  4. I bought a Corsair computer case from Rossovi. I was shopping on best buy and saw the ad at the bottom of the page. Clicked on it and it took me to Rossovi. Entered as guest and paid with Visa debit card. The site said the case was in stock then after I paid I get a message that the item was out of stock and it would take 2 to four weeks to receive refund. Went to the “Contact Us” in the website and explained what happened told them I wanted a refund. Twice I have sent emails to them with no reply or acknowledgement of such. The money taken from my Visa shows a Source Molecular Co. Sourcemoleculus from Miami. Total scam.

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