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Royal Mail Parcel Fee Text {March} Alert-Parcel Scam!

Royal Mail Parcel Fee Text {March} Alert-Parcel Scam! >> The write-up exclusively shares the scam facts to make customers aware before they get victimized.

Do you use the postal and delivery services of Royal Mail? If yes, you need to be cautious as some phishing texts are spreading in the name of Royal Mail. 

Presently people of the United Kingdom are curious to know about Royal Mail Parcel Fee Text

Many have complained about such messages. Hence, going through this content will help the customers to come to know about this text message. 

What is Royal Mail

Royal Mail is a reliable name in postal and delivery service in the UK. The company is running its business successfully for more than two decades. 

Presently the company is offering service to 29 million addresses in the country. The mailing company has emerged as a trustworthy partner of online marketplace sellers. 

Royal Mail offers advanced service in international shipping that helps business houses to stay connected across the globe. 

What do you know about Royal Mail Parcel Fee Text? 

There is new arrival of postal scams in the name of Royal Mail. Customers of the UK are receiving messages mentioning recipients to make some payment to get their packages delivered.

The team of Royal Mail warns people not to believe such mails and pay any amount. These phishing texts and emails are a trap to collect money befooling customers. 

The team has also mentioned that they ask for a payment from customers only if it is due as per the invoice. 

Invoicing and payment terms of Royal mail

To detect the new parcel scam, customers need to understand the invoicing and payment methods of Royal Mail.

  • Royal mail sends weekly invoices, and payment is to get cleared within 30 days from the invoice date. 
  • Royal Mail Parcel Fee Text asks for a fee to release the parcel, but Royal mail never sends messages to pay a fee to free the pack. 
  • Royal Mail charges interest on an undue amount until the full payment gets cleared from the customers.

How to detect the scam?

The Royal Mail reveals how customers can detect the postal scam. The team mentions that fraudsters often use impersonal greetings and send mails from a forged mail id mentioned as delivery@royalmail.com’. 

Royal Mail advised clients not to respond to those emails or messages. Customers should refrain from sharing personal and financial data with these fraudsters whenever they receive Royal Mail Parcel Fee Text or mails. 

What steps do you take to stay safe from a postal scam?

Every person from the United Kingdom needs to make sure that the email account contains a spam filter. 

If you are a victim of this postal scam, you need to report it to the local police station.


The postal scam in the UK has befooled many citizens in the country. Henceforth, customers should be conscious of opening any email that asks to share your fiscal details. 

Have you received Royal Mail Parcel Fee TextAre you a victim of this scam? Please share your outlook in the box mentioned below. 

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