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Royalkart Reviews (July 2021) Is The Site Legit Or Not?

Royalkart Reviews (July 2021) Is The Site Legit Or Not? >> With the sole motive of making people aware of the scam going on the Internet, this article has been written.

Perhaps you are looking for a trendy, fashionable

designer dress for your next party or just for your next Instagram shot. You

may be wondering what could be the best online option to buy good women’s

clothes at an affordable price. You can check out Royalkart for some amazing products. Royalkart is popular in India, but before you trust it, read our Royalkart Reviews

What is it, Royal Kart?

Royal Kart is an Indian e-commerce company known for its trendy and trendy products at a very low price. They have a very nice collection of patterns that are very popular with Indian youth. They have an

audience of mostly young people because the youth is very focused on social media. Apart from that, you can also buy stylish clothes as a gift for your

loved ones thanks to special discount offers available at every Indian festival. Though the website is well-tailored, you need to know if  Is Royalkart Legit or not?

Website Specifications 

  • Website Url- https://royalkart.co.in/
  • Domain registered On – 2020-11-20
  • Domain Expires On – 2021-11-20
  • Trust Index Score –0/100
  • Company’s Address – RoyalKart Label LLP Opp SKM school, Rampur Road Uttarakhand-263139
  • Email Id – info@Royalkart.co.in
  • Social Media Presence- Not Available
  • Shipping Policy – 3-7 Working Days
  • Products – Women Cloths Only
  • Refund Policy – No refund or return also unavailable
  • Replacement Policy – 2-4 working days
  • Cancellation Policy –Not Available 
  • Tracking – Not available
  • Product details and Images – All copied content from other websites
  • Delivery ranges: Not mentioned
  • Payment gateway – All payment portals accepted
  • Brand Age-Unknown 
  • Popularity – Unpopular no social media pages available
  • Reviews –No Reviews have been found on the Internet. This makes a strong point in Royalkart reviews . Above, we have listed all the parameters provided, using which we check the entire legality of the website and try to inform our beloved readers about its authenticity. 

We don’t want anyone to buy online without doing their research on the website and spend their hard-earned money on such internet scams; rather, we urge you to carefully investigate the issue of spending money on the Internet. Unfortunately, we also found that the site is not accepting any feedback or reviews from its customers, indicating that they are not taking their business seriously.

Positive aspects of Royal Kart

  • While checking Royalkart Reviews we found, SSL is enabled
  • The price of the products are cheap as compared to other websites.
  • Delivery is available in 3-4 days after shipping.
  • All payment gateways are available

Negative aspects of Royal Kart

  • No social media pages or accounts have been found.
  • The domain is too new to be trusted.
  • No customer feedbacks or reviews are found on the Internet.
  • The TDL .co.in which is used in this website, is treated as a low-level domain
  • All products are copied from other websites.
  • No customer feedbacks are there for any products. 

Is Royalkart Legit?

We have conducted in-depth research on Royalkart,

but we found that some places do not allow us to conclude that it is legal.

  • Website is registered recently not more than one year old.
  • No social media accounts are available.
  • No Refund Policy is available
  • All the products have been copied from different
  • websites.
  • No reviews of any products have been found on
  • social media.
  • Domain is registered only for one year, which
  • means that the owner is here for a short time only just for fraud.

Thus we highly recommend everyone to check these

parameters before buying anything online, and must-read our conclusion on Royalkart Reviews .

Whar are Customer’s Reviews 

Customer reviews and feedbacks matter for every company. Still, we haven’t found any such reviews on any place, nor are they accepting feedbacks on their website, which shows that they have no intention of doing the business for a long time. Have you ever face Pay Pal Scam, click here to get information.

Click here to get more details on gift products 

Final words 

We found that the website was designed to engage in fraud and scams with people on the Internet through our complete analysis and advanced investigation work. We also found that the website does not meet the basic standards; in Royalkart Reviews, therefore, this website cannot be trusted. Have you experienced Credit card fraud? Read here together for more information.


11 thoughts on “Royalkart Reviews (July 2021) Is The Site Legit Or Not?

  1. I have ordered one dress from royalkart and also emailed them, got an error email from google.. Please dont buy.. I dont knwo the procedure to complain in cyber crime

    1. Hi Krishnasree Manchiraju, Oh, very sad to hear this. Scammers do their job this way only. If you wish, you can try with the local cyber crime team or BBB for the complaints. Do let us know, what is your next step. Stay safe and good luck.

    1. Hi Shelja! Thanks for the comment and your courage to share the exact feedback. There have been many websites, which are getting populated just with a vision to scam people, here we have take this courage to research high and alert the innocent buyers. You can find many valuable reads here. Stay Safe.

  2. Really this website is a fraud.I had ordered and even after that I did not get any mail or message from them. I tried a lot to get information about the site company, nothing was found I have suffered a lot please do not do any online shopping from this site . truly fraud 😭😭 I lost my money on this site 😭😭😡🤬

    1. Hi SAMAIRA, we appreciate that you took your heart out. You experience will definitely be useful to many upcoming buyers. This would definitely someday stop completely the efforts of all scammers. Stay Safe.

    1. Hi Lisa, Try to cancel your order and ask for the refund. Let us see if that works for you. Good Luck.

  3. July 20th I order my dress.. still can’t receive my order.. what can I do. How I contact royalkart?? Pls send royalkart address or number

    1. Hi Thamizh Selvi, It is too late now, if you have received your order then thats great else contact with someone to get the refund like PAyPal. Stay safe.

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