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Rpigsw Reviews [July] Know If Is It Legit or a Scam?

Rpigsw Reviews [July] Know If Is It Legit or a Scam? -> This article aims to provide a detailed analysis of an e-shop that claims to sell an assortment of attractive merchandise.

Are you looking for an online portal that sells numerous unique products? Rpigsw.com is one such web-shop where you can shop for a variety of exclusive items.

The store shows its physical location in the District of Columbia, Washington, United States.

There is no doubt that the store displays absolutely riveting and rare products. One is tempted to make purchases here.

But the multi-million-dollar question arises, is Rpigsw.com legit or not? Is it safe to shop on this e-shop?

Through our Rpigsw.com Reviews, we have tried finding just that.

It has taken a lot of research to investigate if this online store is as cool as it looks. 

Read the following article to discover yourself-

What is Rpigsw.com?

A new kid on the block. Well, that’s what Rpigsw.com is; a new eCommerce store amongst so many other names that have suddenly spurt up.

The store displays artistic products from all around the world under the categories of Barware, Drinkware, Package, and Small Sculpture.

German beer glass, champagne chutes, hand painted wine glasses, personalized oak barrels are some amazing products in their Barware collection.

Rpigsw Reviews say same for Drinkware, where you can shop for handmade copper tile, mugs, tumblers, stoneware pitchers, and much more.

They also sell innovative assortments such as unicorn boxes, gift bags, and colorful masking tapes under the Package category.

You can also find French terracotta figurines, photo frames handcrafted in Peru, unique cutlery boxes, and many more exclusive items.  

All this merchandise makes for excellent decoration in your home as well as gift items. 

Specifications of Rpigsw.com:

  • Products- Barware, Drinkware, Package, and small sculpture
  • Website- https://-www.rpigsw.com/
  • Address-  T St Se Apt 1, 1611, Washington, District of Columbia, USA 20020
  • Email- rpigsw@outlook.com
  • Contact- +13342262757 
  • Shipping- Free in the USA
  • Shipping time- 10 to 22 days within the USA
  • Courier services for shipment- EMS/DHL 
  • Exchanges- Not clear
  • Returns- Within 30 days
  • Refunds- Applicable
  • Mode of payment- Online through credit and debit cards, PayPal

Is Rpigsw.com legit?

The items sold on Rpigsw.com are exclusive yet unrelated. 

A well-rounded website sells an assortment of related products. 

Their “About Us” page is neither product-specified nor does it provide any details about the company or its background. 

They do have unique categories, but the “About Us” page has an arbitrary display under “Accessories” and “Bags.” The tabs on these pictures are unresponsive.  

This is very strange because the store does not sell any items like bags or accessories. 

Much of the information is copy-paste from other sites. The page is also full of grammatical errors. 

Any branded company lays great emphasis on these details as they reflect the company’s image in the market.

The physical location, according to their address, is in the District of Columbia, USA. However, the +133 area code belongs to Canada.

All these red flags have raised possible ambiguity about the legitimacy of Rpigsw.com. 

We carried out more research and tried to sum up the following Rpigsw.com Reviews for you.

Pros of Rpigsw.com:

  • Very exclusive items
  • Products are very artistic and come from all corners of the world
  • Reasonable prices
  • You can track your order
  • Offers an Affiliate Program, where you can earn commission by promoting their products

Cons of Rpigsw.com:

  • No discount on products
  • They deliver only in the USA
  • They willingly donate 1% of your earnings from items that you purchase to the needy
  • No cash on delivery option is available
  • The domain name is only a month old
  • No social media tabs 
  • Hardly any reviews on the internet

What are people saying for Rpigsw.com?

There are almost no customer reviews for this recently launched web store. Therefore, we conducted an in-depth survey of Rpigsw.com and found that the site has no traffic at all. This means it is not popular with customers.

A lone YouTube review found online warns you to avoid this possible hoax site. 

Final verdict:

It is pretty clear to anyone reading these Rpigsw Reviews that the company is not legit.

We want you to stay away from this site lest you end up being a scapegoat to their trap. 

Do not get tempted by the one-of-a-kind merchandise they exhibit on their portal. It is a foolproof trick used by many scam sites to lure innocent shoppers.

If you have any experience of shopping at Rpigsw.com, then please share it here. Your comments will save many people from getting duped.

4 thoughts on “Rpigsw Reviews [July] Know If Is It Legit or a Scam?

  1. We were suspect merely over the name RPIGSW. Sounds like an insult aimed at Americans, as in we are pigs! No company in their right mind would use a domain name like this. Even if their own initials were RPIGS, a smart company would know better than to use it for a retail shop of any kind.

  2. I can confirm they are a scam. I ordered a product from the site (lawn furniture) and when the shipment eventually arrived it was a package of kn95 masks shipped directly from china that couldn’t have cost more than $1. When I contacted them for a refund they told me they’d only be able to refund 60% of my purchase price and they’d be keeping 40% (about $80) to cover their costs to ship me masks I didn’t order . Lol. Chase resolved it almost immediately but what a crock of shit.


  4. i ordered a coleman pop up canopy from them in july and today i got a bag of masks.. i tried to logg in to there site it says ip address not found.. i got scammed. I should of known better by doing my homework.. i jus saw a great sale didnt think nothing of it. I cant even get my refund either

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