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Rufai Oseni Biography And Age: Is He Married? Also Find Details On His Wife

Rufai Oseni Biography And Age explains the Wife of Oseni. Know whether Is Rufai Oseni  Married by reading below.

Who is Rufai Oseni? Is Rufai married? What is the name of Rufai’s wife? What is the net worth of Rufai? People from Nigeria and the United Kingdom are surfing the internet to learn more about Rufai. He had a significant influence on Nigerian development, the media, entrepreneurship, and mentoring. Read Rufai Oseni Biography And Age below.

About Rufai Oseni Biography And Age

Oseni Rufai is still alive despite a false rumor that he died. Although Rufai Oseni’s specific location was unknown, other reports indicate that Arise News currently employs him. Ogun State is the birthplace of Oseni Rufai, who was raised by his parents, siblings, brothers, and sisters. In spite of the unfounded rumors, Oseni Rufai remains a prominent and active writer, radio host, public speaker, and TV host from Nigeria who has a sizable fan base. His age is 43.

About Rufai Oseni Biography And Age

Is Rufai Oseni Married?

There is no information about his marriage and wife on social media. It is assumed that he is married. But no details about Rufai Oseni Wife. Oseni Rufai works as a writer, individual speaker, radio host, TV host, and OAP from Nigeria. His degree in Animal Anatomy and Physiology is a Bachelor of Science from the University of Agriculture. He went to the Federal Government Academy in Odogbolu, Ogun state. 

Rufai Oseni Wife

The most viral news on Rufai that is trending is about his wife’s name. But there needs to be enough information on it. Oseni has worked for a number of radio stations, including Advisory Eureka Kapital, JFM Radio Warri, Unique FM Illesa, Gold FM Illesa, Ogun State Radio, and Ogun State Television.

Career of Rufai

Oseni has given public presentations at a number of esteemed establishments, such as the University of Sussex and the Judge Business School at Cambridge University. Additionally, he has led training sessions for Microsoft and Nielsen firms’ upper management personnel. Oseni has lectured at several schools and institutions and offers advice to aspiring business owners. Is Rufai Oseni Married? is the most searched topic.

He co-founded the e-commerce site Loyalbonus.com. Oseni Rufai is a well-known reporter on Arise TV and an extremely renowned professional in his business.

Career of Rufai

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Age of Rufai Oseni

Rufai Oseni is a talented Nigerian star who was born on April 8, 1980. His age is 43. Rufai is a well-known tech enthusiast. He is also a director, writer, creator, tech enthusiast, radio host, TV presenter and worldwide public speaker.

Is Rufai Oseni Married? 

Rufai isn’t making his wife’s identity public despite rumors that he is married. His exceptional career as an author and speaker has taken him to many different institutions throughout the world, where he has trained top management staff and given outstanding presentations.

Rufai Oseni Biography And Age      

Name: Rufai Oseni

Nickname: Ruffydfire

Nationality Nigerian

Place of Birth: Odogbolu

Date of Birth: April 8, 1980s

Age: 43 years

Occupation: Journalist, OAP, Author, Public Speaker

Net worth: $700,000

Height: 5’6 Feet 

Weight: 98kg

Relationship Status: Unknown

Parents: Unknown

Rufai Oseni Wife: not available

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As per online sources, Rufai Oseni is an iconic figure in the media. His most well-known role is that of Arise TV host. In addition to being a host, he is a tech enthusiast, investor, thought leader, and international speaker. Know more details on Rufai Oseni online.

Did you get all the information on the Rufai Oseni? Mention your views in the below comment box.

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