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[Full Watch Video] Rugby Player Alleyway Video: Is It Leaked On Reddit & Tiktok Media? Is It Trending On Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter Handles? Find Links!

The article shares information about Rugby Player Alleyway Video and all the information on his wife’s verdict, his club action, and other consequences.

Have you seen the explicit video of Joe Westerman? The viral video of this Rugby Player is widely spread on different social media applications. Some people have gone through the video, and some people from the United Kingdom and worldwide are curious to know what was in that video and why people are making it a big deal. 

We have your back if you are curious to know the same. In this article, we will inform you about Rugby Player Alleyway Video and its consequences.

Source: dodbuzz.com

What was in the Rugby Player Video?

In the viral video, Joe Westerman, a Rugby player, was doing an explicit act in a public alleyway. Joe Westerman is a married man; however, the woman in the video was not his wife, but she was someone else’s wife. 

When internet users saw the video, they started sharing it all over social media platforms, leading to the video making rounds on the internet.

How Joe Westerman’s wife reacted to the video when it got Leaked On Reddit?

Joe Westerman’s wife, Lauren Westerman, confirmed that the woman in the video was not her and kicked him out of the house after watching the video. She confronted the media that she was horrified and devastated and was wondering about the future of their 3 children. 

She stated after watching the video that she had not talked to her husband and added that nothing would help, even if she said anything.

What consequences did Joe Westerman face because of his leaked Twitter Video?

According to the media reports, Joe’s wife will end their marriage as she said she would not return to him after this horrific incident. Coming back could set the wrong example for their children, especially their daughters.

And for his career, he was fined heavily by the Castleford tigers football club and certainly lost some of his respected fans and friends.

Information on Joe Westerman 

  • His full name is Joe Anthony Westerman
  • He is a famous rugby player
  • He was born on 15 November 1989
  • He is 33 years old 

How Joe Westerman issued an apology for his viral Tiktok Alleyway video?

He asked for an apology through his Castleford club and expressed regret for his action. He apologized to his loved ones and said he would like to apologize to his teammates, sponsors, supporters, directors, and staff and added that he has realized that he should work on his drunk decision-making habit. 

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The final words

Joe Westerman’s video got viral because he was performing an explicit act in the Alleyway with someone else’s wife.

Do you think his family and fans will forgive him? Share your opinion in the comments below.

Youtube Alleyway Video (FAQs)

1- Is the information about the video available on Youtube?

A- Yes.

2-Why does Joe Westerman’s wife strictly say no to come back?

A- She said this is unacceptable behavior, and everyone has self-worth.

3-When are they going to get a divorce?

A- She has not talked about the date.

4- Did Castleform kick him out of the team?

A- They apologize on behalf of Joe.

5-Did Joe post anything about the video on his Instagram account?


6-How do fans react to the video?

A- Fans are disappointed in him

7-can people find his video on Telegram?

A- Yes, there are a few links to the video on Telegram     

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